Student Submissions
Students may submit directly to e-Vision. Please see guidelines below.

Instructor Submissions of Student Writing
All GWRIT 101 and GWRIT 102 instructors will select essays that s/he deems to be of the highest quality and then ask student authors for permission to submit these pieces to the editorial board of e-Vision (with a completed coversheet). Instructors will be asked to provide drafts and revision for essays that show particularly admirable revision work.

Both instructors and students will need to follow these submission guidelines:

1. Only one hard copy of the essay should be submitted.

2. The author's name must not appear on the actual essay. Please be sure to remove all names from headers and footers. We want to ensure that all submitted essays receive blind readings.

3. Please staple a cover sheet to the front of the essay. The following information must appear on the cover sheet:

· Author's name
· Essay Title
· Contact information (e-mail address, phone number, campus address)
· Class Title and Instructor's name
· The words "I, __________________________ (author's name) give e-Vision permission to publish my essay, __________________________ (essay title) on the Internet."

A cover sheet form is available in Microsoft Word format at the following link:

4. Attach a copy of the essay assignment to the back of the essay.

5. A reminder: Essays must have been written by students for their GWRIT 101 or GWRIT 102 course.

6. If the essay is both excellent on its own merit and in terms of the quality of revision work done to produce it, please include a copy of the first draft as well as the final piece. We want to publish examples of excellent revision work.

7. Authors must thoroughly document all information or data borrowed from outside sources.

8. Once the Editorial Board has chosen essays for publication, finalists will be asked to supply all materials on disk.

The deadline for essays written during the Spring 2002 semester is
April 19, 2002.

The deadline for essays written during the Fall 2002 semester is
November 22, 2002

Where to Submit Essays
Please leave all material in The e-Vision mailbox in Harrison 11C.
You may also send your essay via campus mail to MSC 2103, give it to your GWRIT 101/102 instructor, or deliver it directly to Helen Storey in Harrison 129.


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