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Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art
James Madison University
Duke Hall, RM 1022
820 South Main Street, MSC 7102
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

p / 540.568.6918
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The gallery is closed for the summer.

Our exhibitions are always free and open to the public.

Duke Hall Gallery

Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art is centrally located between the Mason Street, Grace Street, and Chesapeake Avenue Parking Decks.  Free parking for events and receptions will be provided at one of these parking decks, usually Mason Street Deck.  There are also 99 pay-by (metered) parking spaces available on the second level of the Mason Street Deck.  Be sure to enter at Mason Street. 

In special circumstances, the gallery can supply a visitor with a temporary parking pass.  These passes are good for PURPLE ZONE parking only, and may only be used when visiting Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art.  To obtain one of these passes, please call our reception office @ 540.568.6918 and we can arrange to have someone meet you outside the Grace Street entrance of Duke Hall.

Visitors may also request a free parking pass at Parking Services before visiting the gallery.

For all parking-related questions please contact Parking Services directly at:
e /
p / 540 568 3300

JMU Campus Parking Map

Special Requests
  • Gallery staff will approve large group visits within gallery hours. For groups of more than 35, we ask to be notified at least 24 hours in advance. Please make an appointment for all visits outside normal gallery hours.   
  • Special tours or curatorial talks are also available with enough notice, based on availability. These special requests will require the approval of the gallery director, the curator, or the artist/s. 
  • Students who wish to use the gallery during an exhibition for their own projects should email the gallery directory.  
  • The gallery court is available to SADAH faculty- and staff-related events. All inquiries should be directed to the gallery director. 

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