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Visit our gift shop located inside the gallery to find unique items from Record Keepers and The 613.  All proceeds benefit future gallery programming. If you would like to make a purchase online, email us.


Through a series of exclusive interviews with artists, authors and actors like Ben Affleck, David Cronenberg, Elmore Leonard, Viggo Mortensen, Ice-T, David Mamet and Takeshi Kitano, and real-life bank robbers, gangsters and current prison inmates, editor Alix Lambert explores the gaps and overlaps between real crime and its representation in the arts.

Lambert's, Crime, and Crow temporary tattoos are available in the gallery gift shop.


The publication of Farewell! marks the 10-year anniversary of the stock market crash that began the Great Recession. This limited-edition artist book contains 33 solid-ink prints of ‘goodbye’ emails collected from former employees of a single New York-based company from 2009 – 2011.

An installation of Farewell! was on view as part of the fall 2018 exhibition Record Keepers, and the artist book is available in our gallery gift shop. 

The 613

Signed editions of The 613 by Archie Rand and three limited-edition, signed posters are available for purchase at the gallery. The hardcover book includes color reproductions of each of the 614 panels and an essay by the artist.


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