The Communication Center collaborates with JMU faculty to integrate communication-related assignments and activities into courses across campus. Regardless of your discipline or communication background, we can work with you to design, implement and reflect on curriculum to improve student communication skills. 

Fink's diagram showing the relationship between teaching, learning and assessment

We approach course design and re-design influenced by L. Dee Fink's Creating Significant Learning Experiences. We partner with faculty to think through the student learning outcomes, assignments and assessment techniques for your specific class. We understand that each faculty member and course has specific requirements and limitations that shape how a class is structured and taught. We work with you to enhace the communication attitudes and behavior of JMU students.

In addition to improving student learning and experimenting with teaching techniques, redesigning your course to integrate communication-related activities provides an excellent opportunity to grow your scholarship contributions. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is just one avenue for tranlating your teaching contributions into academic publications. 

Please contact Paul Mabrey to inquire or schedule an assignment consultation. 

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