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Innovation runs through much of the JMU curriculum.

This is completely intentional. Innovation done the JMU way helps make the world a better place. It also helps you get much cooler jobs.

Responding to emerging industry needs is one of the best ways for us to help pave the way for your future. That is the primary reason that innovation has been a hallmark of JMU since our doors opened in 1908.

Take, for example, our award-winning JMU X-Labs—a true leader in the field of innovation. In X-Labs, undergraduates from majors across the university are called on to come together, think in new ways and then do work in new ways. That’s innovation with intention.

JMU X-Labs’ transdisciplinary teams take on problems that resist easy solutions and they do so in ways that challenge JMU students to take ownership of their respective educations and also learn how to pivot in creative ways. JMU X-Labs is one of the best examples of our credo that we teach you how to think.

In another shining example of Dukes innovating, students from the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the College of Health and Behavioral Studies came together to help local residents who suffer from Parkinson’s disease rediscover the joys and benefits of movement and music.

So much of learning that happens everywhere at JMU incorporates innovation at its core. Examples are everywhere. The results are always the same—more well-prepared students, more answers to hard problems and the real prospect that the world may be better because of the work.

Innovation the JMU way sets us apart.

It will do the same for you.

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