In general, University Events staff will manage the event logistics, while the event owner or planner must provide all aspects of the event program.

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University Event Responsibilities

  • Update Event Detail Summary (EDS) and send to Donna Burch and Sponsoring Dept./Division/College Contact Person
  • Event Logistics
  • Invitation: design/text, print*, and mail/email
  • Handle food/catering needs* (SPEV logistics)
    • Ensure per diem rates are enforced
  • Room set-up
  • Decor and centerpieces*
  • Nametags* (Production and Distribution)
  • Shuttle/transportation*
  • Photography*
  • Parking
  • Audio and visual set-up, equipment*

  • UE staffs the event (if Pres. Alger is hosting)
    • If co-hosting, sponsor department provides staff as well
  • Venue booking
  • Music/entertainment*
  • Email Post-Event Survey to Sponsoring Dept
*Indicates expense paid for by the Sponsoring College/Division/Department

  Event Planner Responsibilities

  • Fill out the Event Request Form and send to University Events (UE) at MSC 1602. Once received/approved, EDS will be sent
  • Speaking Engagement form - Work with Donna Burch (568-6868 or 
  • Invitation List Development 

  • Review and approve SPEV contract and any rentals required
    • Ensure per diem rates are enforced

  • Invitation (design/text), if preferred
    • Response (collect replies)

  • Program development (written approval of message/theme from Office of the President)
    • Timeline of the event
    • Speakers invite and coordination

  • Script development (messaging)
    • President Alger
    • Guest Speaker
  • Media/web materials

  • Audio visual set-up, equipment

  • Recruit and manage event volunteers
  • Assist with event staffing (such as greeting guests, introductions, transportation needs, distribution of name tags, and closing the event)
  • Printed Program
    • Design
    • Content
    • Printing
  • Complete Post-Event Survey

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