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The closest Amtrak station to JMU is the Staunton Amtrak station (STA). This station is served by “The Cardinal” train, which runs from Chicago, IL to New York City and includes stops in Richmond, Washington DC (Union Station), Philadelphia, and Newark in between. Other destinations can be reached by connecting out of Union Station in Washington, DC.

"The Cardinal" operates every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and leaves the Staunton Amtrak station at 1:37 p.m. each day. Return trips from Washington, DC and New York City also operate on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and arrive at 2:54 p.m. To travel between the JMU Campus and the Staunton Amtrak station, students can use the BRCC shuttle service.

Additional Amtrak service is provided in Charlottesville—this service is more frequent and more reliable. 

Students can apply for the Amtrak Student Advantage Discount Card, which will allow them to receive a 10% discount on rail fare for most Amtrak routes.

To view a full list of regional and break transportation options, click here

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