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The Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport (SHD) currently offers multiple flights per day to the Charlotte/Douglas International Airport with some flights continuing on to Orlando using modern jet airplanes operated by Via Air. Door-to-door shuttles from JMU and Harrisonburg to the airport are offered by SHD airport for $30 one-way or $50 roundtrip. More informationon booking these shuttles can be obtained at the SHD's website

The Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and the Charlottesville-Albermarle Airport (CHO) can also be reached using Green Shuttle. Shuttle rates range from $198 for a single passenger to $48 for four or more passengers.

The Charlottesville-Albermarle Airport (CHO) offers numerous flights to Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, and Philadelphia. In addition, JMU provides shuttle bus service to CHO on academic breaks. The cost is $35 one-way and can be reserved by clicking here.

For a full list of regional and break transportation options, click here.

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