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Social Work (B.S.W.)

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Major requirements and their VCCS equivalents (and RBC equivalents if applicable)

Note: The word "and" between VCCS course numbers indicates JMU credit will be awarded only for completion of the VCCS sequence.

JMU CourseVCCS CourseRBC CourseNotes
MATH 220MTH 146 or MTH 157 or MTH 240 or MTH 241 and 242Mathematics 217-
SOCI 101 or GSOCI 110SOC 201 or SOC 268Sociology 201 or 204-
GPSYC 101PSY 200 or PSY 201 and 202Psychology 201 and 202-
GPSYC 160PSY 230 or PSY 231 and 232Psychology 250-
GPOSC 225 or POSC 302PLS 130 or PLS 135 or PLS 211 or PLS 136Government 201 or 299-
GANTH 195 OR SOCI 336SOC 210 or 211 OR SOC 266No equivalentStudents may take either the equivalent of GANTH 195 or SOCI 336 to meet a social work major requirement.
PSYC 335PSY 215No equivalent-
GBIO 103BIO 101BIOLOGY 101, 101LStudents intending to pursue a Master's of Social Work degree should take a general biology course.

Advising Notes:

Please Read: This major guide is a list of all possible major courses offered in the Virginia Community College System. Not all courses may be offered at your community college, and you are not required to complete all these courses in order to transfer. Rather, itís designed to help you meet JMU major requirements before you transfer, and be better prepared to progress through the major once you arrive at JMU. Please be sure to read the advising notes for additional information on the major.

1. Unconditional admission to the major is given to students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0, no single grade lower than a C in SOWK 287 and 288 (complete at JMU; no equivalents in the VCCS), and completion of the 20 hours of community service required in SOWK 287.
2. Community service (20 hours) must be completed while enrolled in SOWK 287. Beyond that, students will be expected to complete an additional 50 hours of service for the major. Service completed before transferring to JMU will not be counted, however commitment to and consistency of service reflects well on the student so it is still valuable.

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