Admission to the University

NOTE: Students must apply and be admitted to JMU before transfer credit will be evaluated.  

For more information on how to apply, visit the International Admissions website.

Obtaining Transfer Credit 

Obtaining transfer credit for coursework completed outside the US:

1. Request an international credential evaluation.   

Before we can evaluate the coursework you completed prior to coming to JMU, you must submit your transcripts to an international credential evaluation service.  

Choose a credential evaluation service that is a member of The National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).  The service will prepare a report that converts the time you spent studying and the grades you earned to the equivalent number of credits and your grade point average on the four-point scale commonly used at colleges and universities in the US.  JMU does not recommend or endorse any one service. 

Examples of credential evaluation services are:

World Education Services (WES)

Global Credential Evaluators (GCE)

Request a course-by-course evaluation.  The company will usually require that copies of your official transcripts be sent directly to them from the school where you studied using a reference number or form they provide.  Please note the credential evaluation is simply an estimate of the US equivalent of your grades and credits earned.  It is not a guarantee of credit.  

2. Ask the company to send a copy of the international credential evaluation report to JMU's Office of International Admissions.  

James Madison University
Office of International Admissions
Madison HallMSC 0101
100 E. Grace Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

3. Check your Transfer Credit Report.

After the Registrar's Office has received a copy of your credential evaluation report and official copies of your transcripts, they will enter the transfer credits you have earned onto your Transfer Credit Report. To view this report, log in to MyMadison, click on the Academics tab, click on Student Center, then select Transfer Credit Report from the drop down menu. 

4. Contact academic departments to determine equivalent credit.

You may find some classes appear on your transfer credit report having “000” as the course code.  If this is the case, you can ask the relevant academic departments to review your courses to decide if what you studied is similar to what we offer at JMU.  If the course falls within the General Education Program, you should contact their office to appeal for transfer credit.  

Be prepared to provide the academic unit head with a copy of the course description or syllabus for the courses for which you earned 000 credit.  All course descriptions and syllabi must be in English.  These may be helpful for you to obtain before arriving to study in the US.  

In order to be considered for transfer credit, coursework must be completed with the equivalent of a grade of “C” or better on a US grading scale.  You may or may not receive transfer credit at JMU for all of the courses you have studied elsewhere.  The final decision about awarding transfer credit rests with the academic department. 

For questions related to the transfer process for credit earned outside the US, contact University Advising

General Education Program

All students must complete JMU's General Education Program.

International Student Support Services

The Center for Global Engagement offers programs and services designed to support the unique needs of international students. Information on immigration and visa services is also on this site.

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