Concentrations: Comparative Study, Foreign Policy and Global Governance, Global Human Development, International Conflict and Security

Major requirements and their VCCS equivalents (and RBC equivalents if applicable)

NOTE: The word "AND" between VCCS course numbers indicate JMU credit will be awarded for the completion of the VCCS sequence.

JMU Course: ECON 200, Introduction to Macroeconomics

  • VCCS equivalents: ECO 201
  • RBC equivalents: ECON 201

JMU Course: ECON 201, Introduction to Microeconomics

  • VCCS equivalents: ECO 202
  • RBC equivalents: ECON 202

JMU Course: MATH 220, Elementary Statistics (see advising note #1)

  • VCCS equivalents: MTH 146 or MTH 157 or MTH 240 or MTH 241 or MTH 245
  • RBC equivalents: MATH 217

JMU Course: POSC 230, International Relations

  • VCCS equivalents: PLS 241
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent

JMU Course: POSC 240, Comparative Politics

  • VCCS equivalents: PLS 140
  • RBC equivalents: GOVT 203

JMU Course: Foreign Language (6 credits at the 300 level)

  • VCCS equivalents: No equivalent (see advising notes)
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent (see advising notes)

JMU Course: POSC 370, U.S. Foreign Policy

  • VCCS equivalents: PLS 242
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent
  • NOTE: POSC 370 is an option under the INTA core.

JMU Course: GEOG 280, Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape, or ANTH 195, Cultural Anthropology

  • VCCS equivalents: GEO 210 or SOC 210 or 211
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent
  • NOTE: Either course is an option for all concentrations.

JMU Course: SCOM 248, Intercultural Communication

  • VCCS equivalents: CST 229
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent
  • NOTE: SCOM 248 is an option for all concentrations.

JMU Course: HIST 202, Europe since 1815

  • VCCS equivalents: HIS 102
  • RBC equivalents: HIST 102
  • NOTE: An option for the Foreign Policy and Global Governance and International Conflict & Security concentrations

JMU Course: Philosophy course for the B.A. degree

  • VCCS equivalents: PHI 100, 101, 102, 112, 200, 211, 212, 220, 225, 226, 227, 265 or 276
  • RBC equivalents: PHIL 101, 201, 202 or 203
  • NOTE: Not required to transfer; may be taken at JMU. Please Note: PHI 111 and 115 (VCCS) and PHIL 121 (RBC) will transfer but DO NOT count for the B.A. philosophy requirement.

Advising Notes

Please Read: This major guide is a list of all possible major courses offered in the Virginia Community College System. Not all courses may be offered at your community college, and you are not required to complete all these courses in order to transfer. Rather, it’s designed to help you meet JMU major requirements before you transfer, and be better prepared to progress through the major once you arrive at JMU. Please be sure to read the advising notes for additional information on the major.

1. MATH 220 is the prerequisite for INTA 295, a core requirement.
2. Students should begin taking their foreign language at the community college, especially if they are just beginning it. The prerequisite for FL 300 at JMU is two years (4 semesters) of the language (i.e. SPA 101-102 and 201-202 in the VCCS, or SPAN 101-102 and 201-202 at RBC), or the appropriate score on the JMU foreign language placement test. Please note that JMU does not grant transfer credit for the 101-102 levels of a foreign language that a student studied for two or more years in high school.
3. International Affairs majors earn a B.A. degree. In addition to foreign language (which is met by the major requirements), the B.A. also requires a philosophy course; see course equivalents above for options. 

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