Concentrations: Environmental and Engineering Geology, General Geology

Major requirements and their VCCS equivalents (and RBC equivalents if applicable)

NOTE: The word "AND" between VCCS course numbers indicate JMU credit will be awarded for the completion of the VCCS sequence.

JMU Course: GEOL 102 or 110

  • VCCS equivalents: GOL 105, 106 or 110 or ENV 121 or NAS 101 and 102 or NAS 215
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent
  • NOTE:

JMU Course: GEOL 280

  • VCCS equivalents: GOL 207
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent
  • NOTE:

JMU Course: GEOL 350

  • VCCS equivalents: GOL 206
  • RBC equivalents: No equivalent
  • NOTE: For the General Geology concentration

JMU Course: CHEM 131, 131L, 132, 132L

  • VCCS equivalents: CHM 111, 112
  • RBC equivalents: CHEM 101, 102
  • NOTE:

JMU Course: MATH 235

  • VCCS equivalents: MTH 173 or MTH 273 or MTH 175 and 176
  • RBC equivalents: MATH 201
  • NOTE:

JMU Course: MATH 236 OR MATH 220

  • VCCS equivalents: MTH 174 or MTH 274 OR MTH 146 or MTH 157 or MTH 240 or MTH 241 and 242
  • RBC equivalents: MATH 217
  • NOTE:

JMU Course: PHYS 140, 140L, 150, 150L or 240, 240L, 250, 250L

  • VCCS equivalents: PHY 201, 202 or PHY 231, 232 or PHY 241, 242
  • RBC equivalents: PHYS 101, 102 or 201, 202
  • NOTE:

Advising Notes

Please Read: This major guide is a list of all possible major courses offered in the Virginia Community College System. Not all courses may be offered at your community college, and you are not required to complete all these courses in order to transfer. Rather, it’s designed to help you meet JMU major requirements before you transfer, and be better prepared to progress through the major once you arrive at JMU. Please be sure to read the advising notes for additional information on the major.

1. Students should complete as many of the above chemistry, physics and math requirements at the community college as possible. The Geology Department recommends that these courses be completed before enrolling in geology courses numbered 300 and higher.
2. Students who transfer with a transferable associate's degree and the above chemistry, physics and math courses will be able to progress through the major and should be able to finish their degree in two years.

For more information:

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