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English (B.A.)

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Concentrations: American Literature, British Literature, Creative Writing, World Literature

Major requirements and their VCCS equivalents (and RBC equivalents if applicable)

JMU CourseVCCS CourseRBC CourseNotes
ENG 221ENG 249, 273 or 274 No equivalent

See advising note #1

ENG 222ENG 230, 236, 237, 250, 256, 260, 267, 268, 276 or 278No equivalentSee advising note #1
ENG 235ENG 243 or 245ENGL 203See advising note #1
ENG 236ENG 244 or 245ENGL 204
ENG 239ENG 251, 252, 255 or 257ENGL 202
ENG 247ENG 241 or 246ENGL 205See advising note #1
ENG 248ENG 242 or 246ENGL 206
ENG 260ENG 253ENGL 214
PSYC 160PSY 230 or 231 and 232PSY 250Required for students pursuing teacher licensure.
EDUC 300EDU 200No equivalentRequired for students pursuing teacher licensure. Students must earn a grade of B or better to meet secondary education requirements.

Advising Notes

Please Read: This major guide is a list of all possible major courses offered in the Virginia Community College System. Not all courses may be offered at your community college, and you are not required to complete all these courses in order to transfer. Rather, it’s designed to help you meet JMU major requirements before you transfer, and be better prepared to progress through the major once you arrive at JMU. Please be sure to read the advising notes for additional information on the major.

1. Majors must take 3 of the ENG courses listed above, with the following caveats: one course must be either ENG 235 or 247, and either ENG 221 or 222 will count for the major, but not both.
2.Students pursuing a BA degree must demonstrate intermediate proficiency in a foreign language (either through the JMU foreign language placement exam or coursework). Please note that JMU does not grant transfer credit for the 101-102 levels of a foreign language that a student studied for two or more years in high school.
3. Students seeking teacher licensure in English must also complete the pre-professional secondary education program. See links below for more information on teacher education for transfer students.

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