The No Complaining Rule

Course# TD1344

A workshop based on the Jon Gordon best seller: The No Complaining Rule

Complaining: We all do it. Sometimes we complain about products or service and get the service or satisfaction we seek. More often, however, we allow our complaining to feed into the negativity that impacts our health and happiness. It destroys individual and team success, and eventually can sabotage careers and relationships.

Are you a complainer? Do you live or work with a chronic complainer? Let’s examine ways to turn complaining into positive actions. We can start today: We can proclaim TODAY a NO COMPLAINING DAY! We can spend our energy on what we CAN do instead of what we CAN’T do.

In this session participants will:

  • Learn about the "No Complaining Rule".
  • Learn about the impact of negativity and complaining on individuals, teams, departments and organizations.
  • Assess personal "complainer levels" and identify ways to turn complaining into positive actions.
  • Identify "No Complaining" tools and techniques then decide when to use them.
  • Learn how to sustain a "No Complaining Culture".
  • Create a "No Complaining" Action Plan.

Presented by: Judy Rannow

Session InformationNo sessions are currently scheduled. If you are interested in this course, please contact:

Judy Rannow

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