Becoming a Leader We Need with Strategic Intelligence - 2013

Course# TD1602

Note: This workshop is capped at 12 participants.

Categories: Leadership

Level: Advanced

Type: Multi-Session
To maximize the collaborative learning, please review your calendar before registering to ensure you can attend all sessions.

Total Workshop Time: 30 Hours (ten 3-hour sessions)

Make-Ups: There are no make-up sessions for this workshop.

Pre-requisites: Instructor permission.  Please contact Judy Rannow, Professional Development Specialist in Training and Development at 8-5366 to discuss enrolling in this class.

Target Audience:
This leadership development experience is intended for experienced leaders and those who aspire to become more effective, self-aware leaders. 

Workshop Description: Leaders need special skills. This leadership development experience, based on the work of globally recognized leadership expert Dr. Michael Maccoby, will showcase strategic intelligence as a system of leadership qualities that exist in a leadership team.  These qualities are interrelated so that they modify and strengthen each other when they are aligned.  Leaders’ philosophy and personality intelligence influence how each quality is expressed.  For more information, visit Leaders We Need.


  • Create, communicate, and implement a compelling strategy and vision that goes beyond financial goals to include organizational contributions to a better future
  • Create, enhance, or restore trust with a skeptical workforce
  • Inspire, motivate, and lead a diverse workforce
  • Select and work with partners who complement these leaders’ strengths
  • Create a leadership system within an organizational context
  • Manage conflict productively
  • Increase receptivity to change and decrease resistance to change
  • Increase skills in systems thinking
  • Develop and communicate individual leadership philosophies

This Multi-Session workshop will include:

  • Session 1:   Introduction to Strategic Intelligence & Social Character and Foresight
  • Session 2:   Personality Intelligence & Leadership Personality
  • Session 3:   Leadership Relationships (SDI Introduction)
  • Session 4:   Leadership Philosophy
  • Session 5:   Strategic Intelligence – Part 1                 
  • Session 6:   Leadership Choices
  • Session 7:   Conflict Management (SDI and Conflict)
  • Session 8:   Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative & Addictive Needs (Personal and Overdone Strengths)
  • Session 9:   Developing Strategic Intelligence – Part 2
  • Session 10:  A Heart that Listens

Presented by: Judy Rannow, Professional Development Specialist, Training and Development and BLWNWSI Certified

Session Information:   Note: The first workshop in the series is now being held on 2/27/2013
Wednesdays, February 27; March 27; April 24; May 29; June 26; July 31; September 25; October 30, AND November 20, 2013
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Wine-Price, Inspirations A & B

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