Aiming for Buy-In

Course# TD1129

Note: This series is capped at 16 participants.

Categories: Leadership and Organizational Development

Level: Intermediate

Type: Single-Session Workshop and part of an A La Carte Series
To maximize the collaborative learning, please review your calendar before registering to ensure you can attend the workshops.

Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate of completion if they attend all four workshops in the Developing Team Leaders Series.

Total Workshop Time: 3 Hours

Make-Ups: No make-ups are scheduled for this workshop.

Pre-requisites: None

Target Audience: Individuals interested in learning how to lead effective teams through facilitative leadership.

Workshop Description: A key role of the team leader is to guide the team in the process on reaching general agreement on (consensus) and support of (buy-in) important decisions. Even when all members do not agree that a particular decision is the best way to go, the team leader can receive commitment from all members to support the decision 100%. Effective team leaders prefer their teams to reach consensus using a balanced and open process, since decisions reached in this manner generally receive a higher level of support than do decisions made without consensus.

In this session participants will:

  • Learn about team synergy.
  • Learn the difference between consensus and buy-in.
  • Practice strategies and techniques for reaching consensus and buy-in.
  • Practice one-on-one buy-in.
  • Learn about a conflict resolution process that can be used for reaching consensus.

Presented by: Judy Rannow

Session Information:

Monday, October 8, 2012   Note: This is a date change.
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Part of the Developing Team Leaders series.

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