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Featured Workshops

July 8: Leading at the Speed of Trust -Who do you trust and who trusts you? The skill that separates managers from leaders is the ability to extend Smart Trust. Leading at the Speed of Trust raises trust from an often-ignored asset or liability to a strategic economic driver. Doing business at the Speed of Trust dramatically lowers costs, speeds up results, and increases profits.

July 13: Delegation and FeedbackDelegating responsibility involves trust, authority and effective communication. Delegating a task and providing feedback without micro-managing can be a delicate balancing act.



  • Jul 8: Performance Management Information (TD1181)
  • Jul 8: Leading at the Speed of Trust (TD1484)
  • Jul 9: Event Planning at JMU: Everyone Can Benefit (TD1006)
  • Jul 10: Taking Care of the Office Caregiver...YOU! (TD1841)
  • Jul 13: Delegation and Feedback (TD1295)
  • Jul 14: StrengthsFinder 2.0 (TD1695)
  • Jul 15: Leading at the Speed of Trust (TD1484)
  • Jul 20: ePar, Account Codes, and Hours Tracking (TD1916)
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