The President's Office Seventh Annual Conference on Diversity

Inclusion: A World of Opportunities

Course #TD1798

Building Cultural Competency Workshop: A Multicultural Exploration of Professional Behavior and Self

Note: This session is capped at 32 participants.

Session Description: The Building Cultural Competency Workshop (BCCW) began in 2002 and is an interprofessional effort that was created and continues to develop through the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services (IIHHS).  The BCCW convenes students from the College of Health and Behavioral Studies to explore vital cultural issues of diversity, power, and privilege.  Students and faculty are invited to examine personal and institutional values that influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions through a series of shared readings, video and group presentations, and respectful discussion.  The presentation seeks to allow the participants to experience smaller parts of the much larger workshop.  This experience will allow faculty and staff to gain a personal understanding of what participating students experience.  Specifically, this presentation will provide readings, movie clips, and the experience of group facilitation around the topic of cultural competency.  Group discussions will allow participants to process the information presented and incorporate their own experiences in these areas.  The group facilitation is the key component to the workshop.  As a result of this presentation, faculty and staff are offered the opportunity to facilitate student groups at the BCCW throughout the year.

Presented by: Joshua Baldwin. Marsha Mays-Bernard, Anne Stewart, Rhonda Zingraff, Emily Akerson, Gregg Henriques

Session Information:
Monday, March 18, 2013
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
FCSC, Board Dining Room      Note: This is a location change.

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