The President's Office Seventh Annual Conference on Diversity

Inclusion: A World of Opportunities

Course #TD1779

Social Conservatism, Gender & Attitudes towards Homosexuality Across Academic Majors

Note: This session is capped at 21 participants.

Session Description: Many US colleges and universities strive to foster positive intergroup relations and understanding among students on campus, and hence their mission statements seek to promote a corresponding commitment to civic values, student development, and promotion of multiculturalism and diversity (Morphew & Hartley, 2006).  Attending to the institution's values means creating access to new coursework and increasing the diversity of students and staff who make up each individual department.  Moreover, the hope is those students develop a greater sense of being open-minded and respectful toward diversity, no matter their academic major. Because specific university departments and curricula differ in terms of their explicit focus on diversity, many graduating students from different majors may actually have different commitments to pressing social issues.  Ways to understand social conservatism among students and how to improve classroom and curricular aspects to foster greater appreciation toward diversity will be discussed.

Presented by:  Matt Lee, Sarah Yi

Session Information:
Monday, March 18, 2013
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
FCSC, Conference Room 4      Note: This is a location change.

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