The FISH! Philosophy

Course# TD1063

Note: This workshop is capped at 24 participants.

Categories: Team Building and Leadership

Level: Fundamental

Type: Single-Session Workshop

Total Workshop Time: 2 Hours

Make-Ups: No make-ups are scheduled for this workshop.

Pre-requisites: None

Target Audience: Individuals interested in learning how to create a work environment that is engaging and committed.

Workshop Description: The FISH! Philosophy uses four principles to create a work environment where employees are alive, engaged and committed. These principles (Be There, Play, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude) focus on the idea that organizations are successful when each individual is successful. How does this happen? Well, you can start by having fun! As the creator of the philosophy states, “work made fun gets done".

In this workshop, participants will:

  • learn the 4 Fish! Principles
  • generate ideas to apply principles to their workplace
  • have fun!

This workshop is based on the book FISH! A Proven Way To Boost Morale And Improve Results by Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, John Christenson and Ken Blanchard

Presented by: Debby Boyle, IT Help Desk Manager, IT - Computing Support 

Session Information:

The August 7th session has been cancelled.  If you are interested in this workshop, please let us know here.

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