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Featured Workshops

October 27: JMU Student Life - (formerly Office of Student Activities & Involvement) - In this collaborative session, participants will learn more about some of the departments on campus that facilitate out-of-the-classroom student engagement opportunities.  Each participating department will discuss the services they provide for students and the partnership opportunities available for staff and faculty.

October 29: Winning With People - In the new age of business, people are quickly evolving into an organization's most valuable asset. More and more companies are recognizing that their employees are the heart of a companywide success. In order to influence your employees and colleagues, you cannot afford to overlook relationships. The Winning With People workshop teaches principles that will equip you and your team to build and maintain strong, mutually-beneficial relationships.
NEW! November 18: LGBTQ 101: Understanding Gender and Sexual DiversityHave you heard acronyms like “LGBT,” “LGBTQ” or “LGBTQIQA” and wondered what those letters stand for?  Do you work alongside coworkers or serve customers who identify as LGBTQ?  Do you want to learn more about the basics of LGBTQ identities and have the chance to ask questions in a safe and non-judgmental space? Participants in this workshop will have the chance to learn and ask questions about LGBTQ identities and gain insight into the experience of LGBTQ individuals at JMU.


  • Oct 12: Understanding and Using the Grievance Procedure (TD1151)
  • Oct 13: Student Employment Essentials (TD1465)
  • Oct 14: Leadership for Supervisors Series (TD1509)
  • Oct 15: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn (TD1974)
  • Oct 15: The Value of Play in Your Personal and Professional Life (TD1934)
  • Oct 15: But I Don't Have Customers (TD1774)
  • Oct 21: Leadership for Supervisors Series (TD1509)
  • Oct 21: JMU JobLink (IT195)
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