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Featured Workshops

WellGONomics is on January 28th from 9AM - 11AM and it focuses on Ergonomics, which is the study of the relationship between people and the objects and environments they interact with.  Ergonomically incorrect work (and home) environments can cause an increase in injuries, aches, and pains.  We will help you focus on how you move throughout the day and how to evaluate your activities, such as electronics use, sitting, standing, driving, and lifting.  Learn how to improve your day (whistle while you work), so you feel fabulous and are able to enjoy your accomplishments. Whether you are at work or play, how you move matters!

The most widely used personality inventory in the world provides a picture of a person's personality type determining preferences on 4 dichotomies: extraversion-introversion; sensing-intuition; thinking-feeling; judging-perceiving. Combinations of these preferences result in 16 personality types. Understanding characteristics unique to each personality type can provide insight on how they influence an individual's way of communicating and interacting with others. On February 4th, we will be having the Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshop, come and see what your type is!

You’re working hard to create a successful life. But are you feeling too busy, over connected, overwhelmed and out of sorts? Surviving but not thriving? Find out how to THRIVE! on February 6th.



  • Jan 27: Nine Minutes on Monday (TD1825)
  • Jan 27: Communication Strategy (TD1983)
  • Jan 28: WellGOnomics: How You Move Matters (TD1949)
  • Jan 29: Professional Development: Opportunities and Tracking (TD1045)
  • Jan 30: Basic Finance & Budgeting (TD1373)
  • Feb 4: Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (TD1242)
  • Feb 6: THRIVE! - Redefining Success (TD1961)
  • Feb 6: Exercise & Nutrition for the Healthy Heart- Total Heart Health(TD1977)
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