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Featured Workshops

Would you like to start an alumni council or EAC or maybe you’ve had one for years but it needs new life? Leading volunteer boards is challenging but when managed properly can be rewarding for all involved. Come explore tips and tricks and learn about our new Volunteer Management Toolkit to use in your future volunteer initiatives. Come to “Boards, Councils, Volunteers: What Now?” on April 6 in Taylor Hall (TD1986). 

Preparing for retirement can seem overwhelming. This is why we have offered and continue to offer our Pre-Retirement Planning workshop I. If you attended this program in the past you know we covered many topics in a short amount of time and it was a lot to take in. That’s why we are offering The Pre-Retirement Planning Workshop II on April 7 (TD1604).

Lack of effective accountability is the number one issue holding back performance in organizations today. Improving accountability at every level has proven to directly impact the positive outcomes of teams in the work place and beyond. Come learn how effective accountability leads to the execution of outcomes, not just talk or apologies, and explore a process that is easily learned and implemented to achieve effective accountability.  Join us for No Excuses: Foundations for Accountability, Ethics and Values on April 9 (TD1833).


  • Mar 27: Basic Finance & Budgeting (TD1373)
  • Mar 31: The JMU Registrar's Office (TD1319)
  • Mar 31: Stop the Crickets: Engaging Your Audience (TD1967)
  • Apr 1: 5 Choices (TD1699)
  • Apr 2: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)
  • Apr 6: Boards, Councils, Volunteers: What Now? (TD1986)
  • Apr 7: Pre-Retirement Planning II (TD1604)
  • Apr 7: Student Employment Essentials (TD1462)
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