2017 Annual Survey Results

The results of our 2017 Annual Survey are in! Click the icon below to check them out:

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  • Oct 19: DiSC for AACP (TD2194)
  • Oct 20: JMU Mail Service and Building & Department Keys Overvivew (TD1024)
  • Oct 20: Advanced AACP Overview (TD2144)
  • Oct 24: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (TD2180)
  • Oct 24: JMU Student Life (TD2034)
  • Oct 25: Pre-Retirement Planning (TD1372)
  • Oct 25: Infusing Fun Into the Workday (TD2176)
  • Oct 26: What Every JMU Supervisor Needs to Know (TD2104)
  • Oct 27: Event Planning at JMU: Everyone Can Benefit (TD1006)
  • Oct 30: Workplace Substance Abuse Management for Supervisors (TD1398)
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