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     Shadow-A-Student (S.A.S.) at JMU


The program has been developed to help alleviate fears, provide support and build confidence of potential transfer, graduate and adult degree students and to strengthen community awareness of life-long learning opportunities.

The participating departments are excited about the opportunity to help potential students find out whether JMU is the right fit for the direction that they are seeking in a higher education environment. The visitor will be paired with a student of comparable background for a more personal experience during the visit. To schedule a a time for your S.A.S. experience please contact the appropriate department with the provided links.

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It is common for a person who hasn't attended school in several years to worry that they won't fit in a classroom filled with young adults who range in age from 18 to 25. However, recent information from the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Education states that adult students are the fastest growing educational demographic. Forty percent of college students are now 25 or older. The National Center for Educational Statistics states that the number of college students 35 and older rose from 823,000 in 1970
to nearly 3 million by 2001.  
Leicher, Tracy.  "LFCC takes mystery out of returning to school.",  Page News and Courier,  July 24, 2008.