What is Army ROTC?

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program is a 4 year college curriculum which produces over 70% of the Officers for the Regular Army, the Army Reserves and the Army National Guard. Admission is open to all college students who meet the mental, moral, and physical qualifications who attend James Madison University, or one our crosstown unit schools (Blue Ridge Community College or Bridgewater College). Education goes beyond the classroom as it is designed to provide students with the basic concepts and principles of military art and science while developing the student's leadership, personal integrity, honor, responsibility, and appreciation for national security. These objectives establish a sound basis for future professional development and effective performance as commissioned Officers in the U.S. Army.

The JMU Army ROTC program is dynamic, exciting and challenging, yet still flexible enough to accommodate your college requirements and schedule. All aspects of a student's environment are addressed including the academic, physical, extracurricular, social and interpersonal. The Army ROTC program at JMU is one of the finest in the nation and has consistently been in the top 10% of the 275 ROTC programs in the nation.  From year to year, the enrollment ranges from 130-170 students, 60 percent male, 40 percent female.  With the ever changing global environment and Department of Defense needs, the Military Science Department is constantly adapting to the requirements by the Department of the Army.

Students participating in Army ROTC have the opportunity to join clubs and organizations around campus to broaden their experiences during college. As a member of the Duke Battalion, you can also participate in the Color Guard, Ranger Group, Cannon Crew, Cyber Club and the Army 10 Miler Team.

Your academic course of instruction is our primary concern. We offer a 43-hour minor program (if enrolled all four years) in addition to lots of other exciting training. Students may choose any academic major, and participate in ROTC in conjunction with that program. The military science courses are in addition to the student’s normal academic program of study which is usually 120 credits. Many departments offer elective credit for taking military science courses. The Army ROTC program at JMU has been an integral part of campus life since January 1974. In December 1979, the ROTC program achieved full-time status and has been growing stronger ever since. Come join us and discover why!

CADETS are students who have been determined eligible for and are enrolled in the ROTC program (class and lab).  CADETS must complete the ROTC enrollment paperwork (as listed below under 'Required Documentation for ROTC Enrollment'), and can contract into the program upon meeting all contracting requirements. CADETS must be contracted to move into the Advance Course (300-400 level).  Once a student is enrolled in the military science courses, they can apply for and compete for any scholarship opportunities available (which change from year to year based on the fiscal budget). 

PARTICIPATING STUDENTS are those who are in the military science classes but are ineligible to contract. A PARTICIPATING STUDENT may be deemed ineligible to contract because they refuse to fill out the ROTC enrollment paperwork, they do not meet the medical standards to commission, or just want to take the classes for extra electives and leadership training to help them in their civilian careers. PARTICIPATING STUDENTS (as defined in this paragraph) cannot enroll in the Advanced Course (MSCI 300 or 400 level courses).

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