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Lacrosse - Women's


Women's Lacrosse

The purpose of this organization is to provide experienced players a chance to participate in competitive play in a team-oriented atmosphere while sharing a love for the game of lacrosse. We usually have about 30 members.

  • President: Jamie Nicholson,
  • Vice President: Molly Fitzpatrick,
  • Treasurer: Eleni Mayes,
  • Secretary: Brooke Ferraro,
  • Advisor: Paula McMahan,

We compete in the MAWLL (Mid Atlantic Women's Lacrosse League). We travel to three tournaments in the Fall and three in the Spring. We also host a home tournament in the Spring.

We hold tryouts in the Fall. Membership requirements are a GPA of 2.0 or better and a full-time student at JMU. Dues range from $110-140 per semester.

Practices are Mon-Thurs from 8-10pm at University Park.

Did you know that your donation can directly support Club Lacrosse by designating your gift directly to the team? Donate online. 


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