Tae Kwon Do

Our mission is to discipline our minds and bodies to develop our skills to our fullest ability so that we may engage to protect ourselves and others. In the past ten years, we have certified over a dozen black belts in our particular style of Tae Kwon Do. At competitions, individual club members regularly win metals. We have about 40-60 members.

We practice throughout the entire academic year. There is no conference established for Tae Kwon Do, but a Virginia school conference in conjunction with VT, WM, GMU, and UVA is in the works.

There are no tryouts. You must be a member of the JMU community to participate in this club. This club can be physically and mentally demanding, especially as you progress farther throughout it. Your determination and physical limits will be tested to their limits, but never pushed beyond what you can handle. Dues are $80 per semester but we take into account a student's financial situation. We don't let money stand in the way of a student being a member clubs since all of a student's dues go into paying for equipment, our head instructor, as well as off-setting the cost of our annual formal dinner.

Beginner practice is Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 - 10:15pm @ Godwin Multipurpose Studio. Advanced practice is Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 - 8:45pm @ Godwin Multipurpose Studio. All members practice Saturday 11am-1pm @ Godwin Multipurpose Studio.

Website: http://jmutkd.weebly.com

Contact Email: everetad@dukes.jmu.edu

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