Swing Dance

The Swing Dance Club at JMU is designed to teach students the fundamentals of swing dancing. We are a social club that aims to promote friendship as we learn a fun new dance style together. We create a relaxed and fun environment that makes it easy to learn to dance in an open and accepting community. No experience is necessary, we teach from the ground up. Frequently we will even go into some of the history surrounding swing dancing in American culture.

The Swing Dance Club is dedicated to giving a fun, encouraging place to any and all who are interested. Please feel free to stop by for a week or two to try it out, we feel certain you will catch the swing "bug" and discover a new activity that gives you a completely new social outlet in college.

We meet every week for lessons. Beginner lessons are Mondays from 9:00-11:00pm in UREC's Mind Body Studio 1 and Intermediate lessons are on Wednesdays from 8:30-10:30pm in UREC's Mind Body Studio 1.

We generally host two social dances a semester, one with a DJ and one with a live band. These are really fun experiences and a great chance to bring your friends and show off your moves. Non-members are highly encouraged to come to our social dances as well.

We require 5 hours of community service for the full academic year, as well as $25 dues for your first semester and $20 for your second. If you choose to stay for the whole year at the beginning of your first semester, you can pay $40 for the whole year (instead of $45).

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we may not have addressed above:

What should I wear?
We do not require you to wear anything in particular to lessons. Our one suggestion is that you find a pair of shoes you can dance in. We prefer you not to dance in socks since people can slip very easily. A good pair of flats or Toms work well. Sneakers and flip flops/sandals are not advised.

Do you travel to other schools, what is that like?
Our trips to other schools (such as Virginia Tech and UVA) are wonderful bonding experiences for us. Usually we will leave a couple hours before the dance is due to start (depending on where we go) and get food on the way down or once we arrive. The driver will sometimes choose to stay overnight and will provide lodging for anyone traveling in his or her car. Frequently plans to stay late or overnight will depend on where we are going.
Once again, these trips to other schools are really fun experiences, both for getting a chance to dance with other people as well as having fun with club members.

What is DCLX?
You may have heard some of us mention DCLX or the DC Lindy Exchange. A Lindy Exchange is a whole weekend dedicated to swing dancing. There are usually several dances as well as workshops and lessons. DCLX is held in Washington DC every April and we are hoping to get a group of students up there this year. Four of us went last year and had a fantastic time, it’s a great opportunity to improve your dancing and have fun! It can also serve as a goal to work towards while you are in lessons dancing with us.
Later in the semester we will be providing more details on cost and housing, we do know there is an Early Bird discount as well as a student discount. We will be fundraising for this event!

We love Swing Dance and we are dedicated to sharing our passion with the rest of the JMU community so please feel free to stop by and try it out!

Contact Email: wagarpa@dukes.jmu.edu

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