The purpose of the JMU Rowing Club is to provide all students with the opportunity to enjoy the sport of rowing. Members will work together, promoting teamwork and unity throughout competitions (regattas) and practices. The club will always work to represent JMU in a respectful manner both on the water and on land. The JMU Rowing Club normally currently has 36 active members comprised of both men and women.

The Fall crew season is about two and half months long, beginning in early September and ending in mid-November. The Spring rowing season is about the same length, running from early March to early May. The number of regattas (tournaments) attended depends on the number of rowers able and willing to compete. During our first year of competition (Fall '08 - Spring '09) the JMU Rowing Club competed in 2 Fall regattas and 1 Spring regatta. Currently, we plan to attend 2-3 regattas each semester.

Try-outs are tentative and the decision to have them is based entirely upon the amount of interest in the club each semester. Currently, the club has a limited amount of equipment (rowing shells, oars, etc.) and can only support a certain number of active rowers. Although the club has not had try-outs in the past, if interest in the club is high and the number of students who wish to join exceeds what can be supported, try-outs will be utilized at the beginning of each semester as needed. If try-outs are held, preference will not be given to any prospective member with previous rowing experience - it will be more important for each person to highlight his or her physical abilities and attitude during try-outs. There are not any requirements for participating in the JMU Rowing Club and no previous rowing experience is required. All we ask is that you show up ready to work hard and have a positive attitude!

Dues are $250 per semester. This covers the club's yearly insurance expense, equipment repairs and new purchases, as well as all fees related to competition. Tournament registration and entry, transportation and lodging expenses for competitions are all covered by the club.

Practices are held 4 days a week, Monday - Thursday on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. The section of the river used by the club is located in the Town of Shenandoah which is about 30 minutes away from the JMU campus. For practices the club meets at the JMU bookstore at 5:45am, travels to the river and returns by 9:00am to campus.

Although relatively young, the JMU Rowing Club has already started to make itself known to other university crew programs. During our first year of competition, both our men's and women's teams competed successfully. In our second regatta, after only a few weeks of practicing, our Men's Novice 4 team placed 10th out of 20 at the Head of the Occoquan regatta in VA, beating seasoned teams from Johns Hopkins, American University, and Carnegie Mellon just to name a few. In our first spring regatta, the Men's Novice 4 again performed well by placing 3rd in its Heat finishing behind UVA and Loyola College but ahead of the University of Mary Washington, Rutgers, and the University of Maryland. At the same regatta, our Women's Novice 4 team racing for the first time, placed 4th in their Heat, beating American University and Stockton State College.

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