Our team strives to foster both competitive and social environments for players interested in the sport of Water Polo. We emphasize teamwork, dedication, and skill. Currently, the Men's Club Water Polo team has between 12-25 members.

We participate in the Atlantic Conference of the Collegiate Water Polo Association, a nonprofit organization. Due to the distance between schools and teams, our schedule consists of several, larger tournaments with several games in lieu of weekly, single matches. Our main, ranked season runs through the Fall semester but we also attend several unranked tournaments in the Spring.

Try-outs are held shortly after Student Organization Night in the Fall. Held over several practices, they serve more as an orientation to the to the sport, it's rules, and physical demands. There are no requirements or previous experience needed for membership and newcomers are always welcome!

Dues are taken once for the year (Fall and Spring semesters) and are determined by the size of the team but usually fall between $100-200. Occasionally, further funds are needed for special events, in these cases we increase fundraising activities, solicit parents for donations, and/or players pay out of pocket.

We practice 2 hours a day, 5 days a week at the UREC Pool: Sunday 6-8pm, Monday 7-9pm, Tuesday 7-9pm, Wednesday 9-11pm, and Thursday 6-8pm.

Did you know that your donation can directly support Men's Club Water Polo by designating your gift directly to the team? Donate online. 

Contact Email: mulcahlf@dukes.jmu.edu

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