Men's Volleyball

The purpose of this organization is to provide constant physical activity while establishing relationships and social interactions among members of the team. The club also stands for teamwork and sportsmanship, and at all times has the best intentions of the university in mind. The club is 20-23 members.

We compete in the Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association. In the Fall, we host one to two tournaments and travel to two or three and practice regularly. In the Spring, we host one to two tournaments and travel to three or four including Las Vegas, and nationals and practice regularly.

Tryouts are held once of year in the Fall. Dues are roughly $200-350+ in annual dues. This includes tournament fees, league memberships, transportation, hotels, and any other cost accrued throughout the year.

Our practice schedule is generally four times a week, two hours each session. Evenings and late afternoon at UREC.


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