JMU Men's Soccer Club is a student led organization that encourages healthy competition, teamwork, and camaraderie while winning soccer championships. The club has 63 members.

Fall is the primary season: from early September through late November with 2-3 tournaments and league games in between. The ultimate goal of the fall season is to win the league and earn a bid to the national tournament which is located in Memphis, TN or Phoenix, AZ depending on the tournament’s alternating locations by year.

Indoor soccer takes place in the Winter, and friendly games as well as invitational tournaments occur in the Spring. We return to outdoor training after spring break. So, expect to play soccer for this club from the first day of classes to the last day of classes as much as you possibly can.

We are in the Region II Conference of NIRSA, but we play teams from all regions. In tournament play, it is more common for us to play out of state teams from NC, SC, MD, TN, and WV. Tournament play also can contain in-state opponents. It really just depends on which club is available and ready to compete at the time of the tournament’s development. Lastly, we compete against teams from anywhere in the country at the national tournament, depending on the group play draw.

Tryouts are in the Fall during the first weekend of September and also occur during the Spring. Those interested in trying out should make sure they attend Student Organization Night and sign up for tryouts at the men’s club soccer table. If one cannot attend student org night, they should contact the president or vice president of the club and request that their email address be put on the master tryout list. Membership requirements include paying yearly dues, frequent practice attendance, a good attitude, respect for the game, a will to win, and working hard are required of our members. The club contains many dedicated players who strive to make each other better through high-intensity training sessions. Each member of the club values his position on the team, and aims to contribute to the club’s overall success. Yearly dues are $150-$200, and some travel and lodging expense is required by what is not covered in the dues, usually just gas.


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