Over the years, the JMU Equestrian Club has grown to over 50 members from all different levels of experience and backgrounds. The club welcomes all horse-loving Dukes regardless of whether you are just looking for a fun way to meet friends with similar interests, an experienced rider looking to compete at IHSA shows, or a horse-lover who has always dreamed of learning to ride but never had the chance. Each semester club members are required to pay dues which allows them to participate in weekly meetings, educational activities, social events, community service, and all other club related activities (such as riding, if they so choose).

Prospective students interested in finding more information about the club can visit the JMU Equestrian Website and/or email the club for information and to schedule a tour of the riding facilities (link and email at bottom of page). If you would like to schedule a tour, please try to arrange it at least two weeks in advance. All tours are given by students, please keep this in mind and be understanding. We do our best to answer emails as quickly as possible and accommodate all tour requests. That being said, if an email goes more than a week without being answered, please feel free to send another.

JMU students interested in joining the club should attend Student Org Night and visit the Equestrian Club table or email the club for more information (email at bottom of page).

The club currently rides out of Jason Berry Stables (JBS) located in Verona, about 25 minutes down 81S. No club member is required to take lessons. Lessons are $55 each and can be paid in full at the beginning of the semester or in installments at specified dates throughout the semester. In order to compete on the IHSA team, riders are required to take lessons at JBS.

In order to accommodate freshmen without cars, the lesson schedule is structured in a such a way that each lesson has at least one person with a car so that all the riders can carpool out to their lesson. All riders without a car are asked to contribute appropriate gas money for the convenience of carpooling. A trip to the barn for a lesson is approximately three hours from the time leaving campus to the time returning; therefore, it is extremely important that students leave a block of time in their class schedule for three hours if they wish to ride. Grouping classes in the morning or afternoon is an easy way to ensure that you will fit into the lesson schedule. 

Riders in the club are eligible to try out for the IHSA team. JMU Equestrian is a member Zone 4 Region 2 and competes against other teams in the area, such as Bridgewater, Hollins, and UVA, to name a few. At the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, riders will fill out paperwork, tryout, and be given notice whether or not they have been chosen as part of the IHSA team. Competing in IHSA shows is fun and rewarding for individual students, the IHSA team, and the club as a whole.

Did you know that your donation can directly support the Equestrian Club by designating your gift directly to the team? Donate online. 

Website: http://www.jmuequestrian.com/

Contact Email: jmueteam@gmail.com

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