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Our mission is to offer a community for casual road and mountain cycling as well as an avenue for training and cycling competition. We are competitive, but also have plenty of riders that are not as competitive and just casually enjoy cycling as well. This club has about 15-20 members.

  • President: Christopher Bell,
  • Vice President: Michael Stone,
  • Treasurer: Connor Bell,
  • Secretary: Ryan Williams,
  • Advisor: Chris Jones,

We participate in the Atlantic Coast Cycling Conference. Collegiate cycling is separated into three seasons. mountain biking, road biking and cyclocross. Mountain biking is in September and October. Cyclocross is from November to January. Road cycling is from February to April.

No tryouts. There are no membership requirements, we just prefer members to participate in club rides with other rides. There are no dues for the club, but there will be a financial commitment required if a member decides to race intercollegiately.

We have about 4 weekly club rides per week, but there are no mandatory practices.

Did you know that your donation can directly support Club Cycling by designating your gift directly to the team? Donate online. 

Contact Email: