Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our mission is to teach the fundamental principles and techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The sport is always evolving and therefore there is always something new to learn. With a strong understanding of the basics, it makes it much easier to adapt to the different techniques and styles we intend to teach. We also plan on competing in tournaments like Grapplers Quest and NAGA and with other Jiu-Jitsu clubs at other schools. Our club is about 8 to 10 members.

We will hold practices right up to winter break, and right up to summer break. The number of tournaments is to be determined.

We do not hold try-outs unless we have too many people sign up. There are 3 instructors, and Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that becomes more difficult to teach when there are huge groups of people. Our goal is to get people interested in the sport, and when cuts are made because people have little or no experience, it discourages them from pursuing the sport.  We will only hold try-outs if we have to. The only membership requirement is that egos must be left at the door. Sometimes people come in thinking they are very advanced, and they want to go as hard and as fast as they can.  This is how people get hurt. If we see that someone is consistently being too aggressive and ignoring our instructions they will not be allowed to join the club.

Dues are $40, and are due around the end of September each year.

For practice we meet Tuesdays, Thursdays 7pm to 9pm, and Monday, Wednesday 9pm – 11p, in the Combative Room of Godwin Hall. 


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