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At UREC, in line with JMU’s core quality of access, inclusion, and diversity and UREC’s mission to promote and advance healthy lifestyles, we strive to create an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all members of the JMU community. 

Highlighted Inclusive Programs & Events
  • Orientation UREC FestUREC Fest is a program collaboration with the Orientation Office to provide an event introducing and welcoming all JMU freshman during 1787 August Orientation to UREC.
  • Wheelchair Basketball: UREC offers wheelchair basketball informational sessions, on-court clinics, and Intramural Sports tournaments throughout the course of the academic year.
  • JMU World Cup
  • Blind Yoga
  • Adaptive Rock Climbing
  • Adaptive Swimming
  • Adaptive TEAM Challenge Course Programs
  • Nightmare at UREC
Highlighted Inclusive Facilities
  • Aquatics Center: 
    • Both pools have an electronic lift that can carry up to 500 pounds and have features that include a transfer bar and footrest.
    • Stair access with handrails is available in both pools.
    • Transfer rails for easy access into the spa.
  • Fitness Center: 
    • Pathways through the fitness area are at least 36 inches wide to allow access to all participants.
    • Adjustable cable machines are accessible to participants in wheelchairs.
    • All strength machines are equipped with illustrated diagrams detailing proper use.
    • QR codes on many machines link to videos with sound, which also demonstrate proper use.
    • Recumbent bicycles and seated elliptical machines are available on the Cardio Deck.
  • Sport wheelchairs available for use in UREC by anyone with a JAC. Wheelchairs are available for check out at the Equipment Center.

Questions? If you have a request, question, or an idea for a program or service, please contact the Coordinator for Sport Clubs and Inclusive Recreation.

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