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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not listed here? Contact us!

What are UREC's hours during the week/weekend?
View our hours here. 

When are UREC's busiest times?
UREC definitely has some busy times during the day, but by planning ahead, you can easily avoid the crowds. We usually start getting busy by the time that classes end in the afternoon (around 4 pm) and stay busy until about 8 pm. Generally, during the morning hours, around lunch time, and late in the evenings, fewer people are in the building, so those could be great time to fit in your workout!

How do I get started and who is eligible to participate at UREC?
Learn about UREC Access Policies.

I think I lost something at UREC. What can I do?
Visit the JMU Lost and Found online database and fill out the "Lost Item Form". We'll take it from there!

Are there any employment opportunities available at UREC?
Yes! Please visit our student employment page.

Why do students have to swipe out of UREC?
UREC is a controlled access facility.  Authorized users must have a JACard to both enter and exit UREC.  All participants who have entered through the Welcome Center should exit through the turnstiles to help us monitor participants in the building. In the case of an emergency, UREC would also be able to tell which participants still remained in the building.

Where should I park?
The primary parking options for students using UREC facilities are Commuter Convocation Center lots; Convo A, F and G Lots are available year-round for Commuter parking. Convo B and E Lots are available during the majority of the year, with the exception of basketball season, at which time signage will be placed indicating that Convo B and E Lots are no longer available for Commuter parking. Convo D Lot is currently a construction lot. In all Commuter lots, students must display a current, valid JMU parking permit to park. JMU Parking Services oversees all parking on campus, and questions or concerns should be directed to their office. We encourage UREC participants to carpool, take a bus, or get active and bike, walk or jog to UREC!

I've never worked out before. Where can I get some pointers?
We offer many forms of assistance to those who are either new to working out altogether, or for those who simply need to learn more about a specific machine or want to make an existing workout more effective. If you fall into any of those categories, take advantage of all the fitness options we offer. As a first time visitor, a Fitness Assistant, located in both Fitness I and II, can provide an equipment orientation or answer questions about individual machines or actions. 

I love the outdoors! Does UREC offer any outdoor trips?
The UREC Adventure program offers plenty of outdoor, as well as indoor, adventures. Central to UREC is the 33-foot indoor climbing wall. From beginner to expert, ALL students, faculty, and staff can feel comfortable and safe climbing the wall. As far as outdoor adventure is concerned, UREC offers hiking, canoeing, backpacking, climbing, canoeing, biking, skiing and snowboarding trips throughout the year!

Are there any sport clubs, like baseball, that I can join?
UREC provides meeting and practice space for over 45 different sport clubs here on campus. As each sport club has its own season and president, the best way to get in contact or find more information about a sport club is to check our website. Each year, the Sport Clubs participate in Student Organization Night in the Fall. This is a great way to meet the members and learn about tryouts, dues, and more.

Why does the pool close from 9-11am and half an hour earlier than the building?
The pool closes from 9-11am in order for daily chemical maintenance. The pool closes before the building closes so that lifeguards can close the area and participants have time to shower, get dressed and exit the building before the building closes.

Is the TEAM Challenge high and low ropes course available for student organization use?
Yes! UREC’s ropes course is available to student organizations, academic classes, student employee groups, faculty/staff groups, and non-JMU organizations as well. Contact Sasha Griffith for more information or schedule a group. Learn more!

How much do Group Exercise classes cost?
Students do not have to pay any additional fees to take weekly group exercise classes offered at UREC. These classes (and most of UREC programs) are funded by the Student Comprehensive Fee. Faculty and staff are welcome to participate in these classes as well!

How can I sign-up and pay for UREC programs and activities?
Learn how here!

How can I become a Group Exercise Instructor?
There is a prerequisite required first before being considered for hire. In order to be considered, UREC require all Group Exercise Instructors go through a 12-week prep course to learn the fundamentals of what it takes to teach a safe and effective class. The class will meet twice a week; days vary depending on semester. One day per week will be dedicated to lecture and the other day will be practice time in the studios. The course is limited to 20 students and begins the second week of classes each semester. Completing this course does not secure you a spot on the UREC Group Exercise staff. 

How can I sign up for a Lifeguarding or First Aid course?
Our Aquatics and Safety program offers a variety of programs, such as First Aid and CPR, Lifeguarding clinics, Stroke clinics, and fun events like our Dive-In Movies. You can sign up for our programs online using a credit card or by visiting the UREC Program Registration desk using your FLEX account.

How do I reserve a racquetball court?
Please call the UREC Equipment Center at 540-568-8722. Reserve your court up to 24 hours in advance.

How do you rent camping or recreation equipment?
Our Equipment Center can handle your indoor and outdoor recreation needs! From canoes to sleeping bags, soccer balls, and wetsuits, all you need is a deposit on your FLEX account and you are ready to roll! Our Equipment Center also handles all in-house check-outs, such as towels, basketballs, or racquetball equipment, and all you need is your JACard.

When are Group Exercise rooms most available for organizational use?
The Group Exercise rooms are available for organizational use in the mornings and some afternoon times. Evenings are usually scheduled for Sport Clubs when Group Exercise classes are not scheduled. Learn more about reservations at UREC.

Can I take photos or videotape at UREC? View UREC's Media & News information!

Can I post flyers in UREC? View UREC's Media & News information!

Can I advertise my business in UREC? View UREC's Media & News information!