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Sponsor A "Put Up Your Dukes" Statue

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MadiSun, McLitten, JMUbie, Road Dawg and Spotty Bananas Duke Dogs on the Quad
They are gone! Look for the statues throughout campus!

"Put Up Your Dukes" Duke Dog statue project was a part of James Madison University's yearlong Centennial Celebration in 2007-2008. The project was a lot of fun and a huge success. The project information was left here to help others in future projects of this type.

• As part of James Madison University’s yearlong Centennial
Celebration in 2007-2008, uniquely painted Duke Dog statues will be placed throughout Harrisonburg and the JMU campus
• Similar to mermaid sculptures in Norfolk and fish in Richmond and
Baltimore (see below)

• Smaller replicas of the Duke Dog statue in front of JMU’s
Plecker Center
• Statues made by Lee Leuning, sculptor of the large Duke Dog statue and the James Madison statue
• Each statue is about two feet long and 22 inches high and made of a lightweight resin
• Plaque identifying the sponsor will accompany each statue
• Suitable for indoor display

• Business, clubs, organizations and individuals sought to sponsor statues
• $1,500 fee includes artist’s charges and all taxes
• Recognition of sponsors on the statue plaques, brochure, and website

• Professional artists from Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Staunton, Augusta County and JMU will
paint/decorate the statues
• Sponsors may select one of these artists or commission an artist of their choice

• Each design will be unique and distinctive
• Sponsors may choose from designs done by artists or select their own design in conjunction with the artist
• Designs cannot depict religious or political themes; corporate logos cannot be used
• All designs must be approved by the Put Up Your Dukes committee

• Sponsors agree to display statues at least until March, 2008 (longer if desired)
• All statues will be displayed at the JMU New Century Banquet on March 15, 2008, and then
returned to the sponsors
• Location of statues will be featured on a map and website