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By uniting Computer Science, Engineering, and Integrated Science and Technology, The College of Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE) has assembled some of the Commonwealth's most innovative applied STEM programs in an environment that stresses hands-on learning with a uniquely talented faculty.  

Each of our academic programs focuses on both cutting-edge solutions to critical human problems and fundamental understanding of the environment in which those solutions must be implemented.  Your gift makes it possible for our students to become adaptable problem solvers by experiencing an outstanding technical curricula built on a meaningful liberal arts foundation.

Our faculty combines expertise in a variety of applied science and technology fields with a passion for teaching and innovative pedagogy. We seek to develop creative, thoughtful change-agents who are intellectually curious, pragmatic, and resourceful.  Small class sizes and innovative curricula facilitate a rigorous and nurturing learning environment. 

Your gift supports a wide array of engaged learning experiences including student research, capstone projects, internships, and study abroad. That’s meaningful. 

Because of your gift, our students can identify and address relevant, real-world problems by working with partners, locally and globally. Your gift makes it possible for our students to rise up and meet the new challenges of serving a changing world.

Fund Description
Computer Science Fund Contribute to the development of both students and computer science and help sponsor the next great innovator. Read More
Geographic Information Sciences Prepare students to address problems associated with spatial patterns and processes of human and environmental change.
ISAT - Wind Energy Support the innovation and environmental consciousness behind ISAT's initiative to bring more wind power to JMU
Information Analysis Program Support students with interest in becoming government or private industry intelligence analysts.
ISAT Department Fund Help students apply science and technologies to social problems and realize solutions that are embraced by society. Read More
Information Technology Assist the IT department in providing superior customer service, seamless training, and enhanced academic instruction
Department of Engineering Help students as they analyze problems and design solutions with technical, economic, environmental, and social impacts
Walter and Martha Curt Computer Science Scholarship Contribute to a fund that recognizes and support one computer science student every year.
Novetta Scholarship Recognize a student in Computer Science in honor of President Scott Gessay's contributions to FGM/Novetta Solutions.
General Scholarships Support our brilliant students as they become accomplished graduates.
Integrated Science and Technology Scholarships Support an exciting and evolving discipline that encourages problem solving and critical thinking for the 21st century
Music General Scholarship Foster the creative and scholarly development of JMU musicians, educators, historians and industry professionals.
Margaret Gordon Memorial Scholarship Award an undergraduate student for outstanding accomplishments in biology research and honor Margaret Gordon.
Integrated Science and Technology Endowment Fund faculty development, travel expenses, educational support, and department grants in ISAT.
Malcolm G. Lane Scholarship Endowment Support an exceptional undergraduate junior or senior pursuing a degree in computer science.
Richard Roberds Scholarship Grow the endowment that honors this professor and support an undergraduate integrated science and technology scholar. Read More
Residence Life Student Leaders Award Endowment Encourage and support outstanding leadership among student leaders in residence halls
Maurice Wolla Scholarship Support an integrated science and technology undergraduate while honoring the distinguished professor and teacher. Read More
Center for Service Learning Prepare students to become educated, enlightened citizens committed to affecting positive social change.
ISAT Student Projects Fund Enable seniors to undertake capstone projects that bring to bear sciences and technologies to solve real-world problems. Read More
Undergraduate Research Support Endowment Support student capstone projects, conference attendance, independent research and other research endeavors.
Engineering Student Projects Fund Support hands-on student projects, the lifeblood of an engineering program that innovates solutions to human problems. Read More
SAIC Initiative Help students pursue activities within STEM relating to Information Analysis and Computer Sciences.
TDI Cyber Security Program Support Fund Support the JMU Cyber Defense/Information Security program's travel, program upgrades, and experience for students
College of Integrated Science and Engineering Support the College of Integrated Science and Engineering programs that stress hands-on learning with uniquely talented faculty.
Computer Science Student Projects Fund Enable computer science students to undertake hands-on projects and present their findings at research conferences. Read More
CISE Faculty Research Fund Help integrated science and engineering professors take on real-world research that inspires students to do the same. Read More

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