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Help JMU stay in the game for top students.


You can help top achievers

The state of the world today requires the best minds we can muster. And those top minds will be better equipped for the world with the distinctive education only JMU can offer. Without scholarship support, however, some of the brightest students are slipping away.

You can help hopeful Dukes who have set their sights on JMU’s stellar academic offerings from turning elsewhere. Your gift to the scholarship funds listed here can avert deep disappointment for these students and a jarring disconnect for the university named for the Father of the U.S. Constitution.

For so many top academic performers today, the impact of an uncertain economy means Madison is unfortunately out of reach without scholarship support. Your gift can help offset the prospect of student debt, which often leads students to choose colleges that can offer them the scholarship and financial aid packages that JMU cannot provide.


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Tragically, for so many promising students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, college is barely on the radar. Your gift to scholarships means a JMU education can be that vital step toward the American Dream for qualified students of all backgrounds — age, culture, disability, ethnicity, first-generation college, gender, nationality and veteran status, among them.

Without scholarship dollars, these deserving students suffer and so does James Madison University. 

Top-performing students challenge their peers, further inspire JMU’s academic culture and ultimately affect the health and prosperity of our world. Your gift to scholarships makes it possible.

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