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Help prepare educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.

Across the University

You can enhance the Madison Experience

The world's a complicated place. And it takes more than a major to navigate it and live a rewarding life.

Your gift will ensure that Madison continues to provide students with the kinds of educational experiences that transcend a single academic program and go beyond the classroom.

Those opportunities for thoughtful, interdisciplinary and independent study are important at Madison and enable professors and students to address the problems and issues that affect society. Your gift will help fund the international, service-learning and extra-curricular experiences that enable students to acquire new perspectives on the world and their place in it.

When you give to JMU, you help support the collaborative projects and leadership activities that equip students to work together effectively in teams in the workplace and in their communities after they graduate. Employers say the collaborative ability of Madison graduates is remarkable.

A gift from you today means you are supporting a world-class faculty that loves to teach and mentor students; guide student scholarship, research and creative projects; and create new knowledge by conducting their own research.

At JMU, earning a college degree is about more than landing a good job. You'll be part of a university community that prepares educated and enlightened citizens who will lead productive and meaningful lives. Your gift makes it possible.

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