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Single-Bus Parking for Field Trips

SINGLE-BUS parking is permitted ONLY in the bus lane behind Miller Hall for groups attending planetarium field trips. ADDITIONAL BUSES must park in other lots on campus and NOT IN FIRE LANES. Only one bus of planetarium visitors may be parked in the Miller Hall area. School buses should park as far back as they can in the bus lane to allow room for public transit buses. See photos below.

All personal vehicles must park in the N-6 lot and must get a permit by filling out the permit request form. Permits are to be picked up from the Parking Services Office. Directions to parking services can be found here.

aerial map showing streets leading to the planetarium parking area. Map also has text and arrows.

bus parking signs at entrance to parking area

Bus lane with text indicating parking for a single bus.

You're Almost There!

Once inside the door, go up the stairs to the first floor. Enter the hallway and keep right (straight). At the end of the hall make a left and then a right through the next set of doors to arrive at the lobby to the planetarium.

Planetarium poster is on the wall to the right of the stairs visitors need to use.