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Preparing Future Faculty


 AS PART OF A NATIONAL MOVEMENT, the Preparing Future Faculty program transforms the way aspiring faculty members plan their academic careers.  The PFF program provides doctoral students and some master's or postdoctoral students, the opportunity to observe and experience faculty responsibilities at a range of academic institutions, each having different missions, student bodies and expectations for faculty members.

Launched in 1993 as a partnership between the council of Graduate Schools and the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the PFF program has since been implemented at more than 45 doctoral degree-granting institutions and nearly 300 partner institutions in the United States.

Initially, JMU's involvement in the PFF program was through its partnership with Howard Univesity.  Madison's program is expanding to include relations with regional institutions with larger pools of diverse graduate students to create further opportunities to sustain and increase its diversity initiatives.

Today, the JMU PFF program led by Dr. David Owusu-Ansah has grown exponentially since its inception with partnerships expanded to include Morgan State University and SUNY Binghamton, as well as, Howard Univeristy.  



Morgan State University

Dr. Michael Galgano & Dr. Annette C. Palmer

Partnership Agreement for Preparing Future Faculty Fellow

Mr. Godfrey Vincent, 2011 PFF, History Department

Morgan State University Partnership With JMU PFF


2012-2013 Preparing Future Faculty Fellows:

Ms. Jemimah Mwakisha, SUNY Binghamton, JMU SMAD Department

Ms. Tyechia Thompson, Howard University, JMU English Department

Ms. S. Nicole Cathey, Howard University, JMU Political Science Department

Mr. Marcus Allen, Morgan State University, JMU History Department

Ms. Barbara Franklin, Morgan State University, JMU College of Education, Math Education