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JMU Calendar of Events

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July 2014

July 24: Scholarly Writing Community: Finish Your Writing Project :

Thursdays 6/12, 6/19, 7/17, 7/24 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM; lunch will be provided

Location: Rose Library 5211

In this scholarly writers' group, individual scholarly productivity will be fostered through participation in a writing community that encourages and supports writing projects. The hallmarks of this facilitated scholarship community include: developing a scholarly writer’s profile; developing a writing project plan; guided peer review of drafts; time for writing; editing deadlines; and celebration of success. Whether working on a manuscript, book project, or other writing project, this experience will help scholars move toward project completion. Participants need be present for four meetings-- either in person or via Google Hangout or Skype. Faculty working on both qualitative and quantitative scholarly projects are welcome to apply. This group will be limited to 8 faculty members total. 

General Daily Schedule

9 - 10 Group Meeting
10 - 12 Writing/Editing/Peer Review
12 - 1 Lunch
1 - 2 Group Meeting
2 - 4

Writing/Editing/Peer Review

This community is designed to help faculty make progress towards the following outcomes:

  • Attain self-awareness of writing process and habits;
  • Hone peer and self-editing skills; and
  • Complete a writing project for submission.

Facilitator: Edward J. Brantmeier, Ph.D, Department of Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education & Center for Faculty Innovation


July 25: Inspiring Students to Pursue Intellectual Virtue: Brainstorming a Reorientation of the Curriculum: Location: Rose Library 5211; coffee and scones provided



Join Dr. Larry Lengbeyer of the United States Naval Academy for a discussion of the intellectual virtues - the affective, behavioral, and cognitive dispositions that make for general intellectual excellence. Informed by the underdeveloped Aristotelian educational tradition, participants will contemplate and discuss ways to reorient courses and curricula so as to focus on, and cultivate, the habits of mind that constitute intellectual well-being across the disciplines.

This roundtable is designed for faculty to make progress towards the following outcomes:

  • Inquire into the specific qualities of mind (virtues) that promote a flourishing life;
  • Brainstorm whether and how to implement the conscious and explicit development of intellectual virtues across all disciplines; and
  • Crowd-source creative work on intellectual virtues.

Facilitator: Dr. Larry Lengbeyer

Dr. Lengbeyer's visit is sponsored by the JMU Logic and Reasoning Institute, which oversees the minor in logic and reasoning and supports collaboration among faculty and students on the study of logic and reasoning across the disciplines.  


July 25: Vocal Arts Camp Talent Show: Vocal Arts Camp Picnic / Talent Show MORE >

July 26: Vocal Arts Camp Concert: The final Concert for the JMU Vocal Arts Camp will be held in the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall. MORE >

July 28: The EERE Summer Institute 2014:

School Administrators, Cooperating Teachers, University Supervisors and select Teacher Candidates will gather for 2 days of discussion on the College of Education's Student Teaching process.  

It will be a chance for the group to communicate expectations, evaluate current practices and brainstorm ideas for the coming school year.

Held July 28th and 29th at Taylor Hall Room 405.

Breakfast and Lunch will be served.

For more information please contact anyone on the Summer Institute Committee 2014:

Jon Almarode, Assistant Professor (

Dara Hall, Education Support Center, (

Michelle Hughes, Associate Professor, (

Smita Mathur, Associate Professor, (

Kristi Peery, Teacher-in-Residence, (


July 30: Summer Brown-Bag Lunch Lecture:

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum pavilion

Dr. Heather Griscom, associate professor of biology at JMU, presents “American Chestnut Tree Restoration.” Enjoy a talk about restoration efforts of a tree that was once considered among the grandest of the Eastern deciduous American forests’ tree populations. After the lecture, take a short walk to places at the arboretum where Restoration American Chestnuts are planted to see the young trees that may once again beautify our forests.

For information, check or call (540) 568-3194. No advance registration is needed. Free.


Current Month

August 2014

August 4: Summer Poetry Camp: "In a Sea of Words" MORE >

August 6: Cascade Phase 1 and 2 Combined Training MORE >

August 10: Last Day For Permit Mailing MORE >

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August 12: Storytime in the Understory MORE >

August 15: Core Introduction to the Eight Key Questions Workshop MORE >

August 16: LCVN Policy Agenda Setting MORE >

August 17: transitions MORE >

August 17: Honors Freshman Orientation MORE >

August 18: Student Staff Training MORE >

August 18: New Graduate Student Orientation MORE >

August 18: ADP New Student Orientation Program MORE >

August 19: Cascade Phase 3 Training MORE >

August 20: Cascade Phase 1 and 2 Combined Training MORE >

August 21: Drive-Thru Permit Pickup MORE >

August 21: It's Complicated Sessions - Ethical Reasoning in Action MORE >

August 22: Fall 2014 Assessment Day is Friday, August 22 MORE >

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August 23: Saturday Office Hours MORE >

August 23: Drive-Thru Permit Pickup MORE >

August 25: Fall Semester Begins MORE >

August 25: Display Name MORE >

August 25: Classes Begin MORE >

August 25: Fall semester begins MORE >

August 25: Monday Office Hours MORE >

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August 29: Student Org Night MORE >

August 30: reception MORE >

August 31: 2013-2014 Student Permits Expire MORE >