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April 2015

April 24: WRTC Day and WRTC Faculty Symposium:

WRTC Day and the WRTC Faculty Symposium will take place on Friday, April 24


WRTC Day Schedule of Events

Friday, April 24, 2015



What is Vault and how do I use it?

Presenter: Marcus Anderson, Career & Academic Planning, JMU

Come learn about Vault, a one-stop-shop for your questions about career fields, internships and the job search, and the many other support services offered by Career & Academic Planning.

Preparing for Interviews

Join Deloitte Consulting practitioners* as they talk about how to prepare for interviews (both behavioral and case-based) and learn what to expect during interviews.

Harrison 2111

11:00am – 12:15pm


Alumni Panel

Join a panel of our Alumni as they discuss the many employment opportunities for a WRTC major, minor or graduate student; including, but not limited to, health and medical writing, cybersecurity and geospatial intelligence, higher education software development, rapid prototype solutions and organizational management.

Harrison 2111


What is Consulting?

Come learn about a career in consulting. Deloitte Consulting practitioners will discuss what consulting is, what a consultant’s job entails and provide examples of their experiences first hand. The presentation will also look at how an educational background in WRTC can lead to a consulting job.

Harrison 2112

1:45 – 3:00pm


Making the Transition from College to the Workplace or College to Graduate School

Come learn from our Alumni who will share their experiences and offer tips and advice for making the transition from college to the workplace, from college to graduate school and from graduate school to the workplace.

Harrison 2111


What is the WRTC Mentor Program and how can I get a Mentor?

Join Liz Holena Sonnenberg, President, WRTC Alumni Council, and Megan Healy, WRTC Alumni Mentor to learn more about the WRTC Mentor Program and how you can sign up. You will also meet current students who just completed the WRTC Mentor Program and have the chance to ask them questions.


Harrison 2112

*The Deliotte Consultants joining us are JMU alums:


Bea Chua (Class of 2014) is a first year Business Technology Analyst in Deloitte’s federal sector. She has been supporting the Military Health System within the Department of Defense since October 2014 through program management but is currently transitioning into an engineering role that works to troubleshoot user and system issues with the Health Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS). Ms. Chua was a WRTC major with a concentration in technical and scientific communication as well as a minor in sociology. She was involved with the JMU choral arts department and was a member of the Phi Sigma Pi honor fraternity.

Amir Poonsakvarasan (Class of 2006) is a strategic communications Senior Consultant in Deloitte's Federal Human Capital Practice. He has spent the last six years helping Department of Defense (DoD) and financial regulatory clients to successfully carry out large-scale change and transformation initiatives through the use of effective communications planning and execution. While at JMU, Mr. Poonsakvarasan studied print journalism and public relations, served as a Student Ambassador, and was a contributor for The Breeze. Mr. Poonsakvarasan also holds a Master's in Organization Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University.

WRTC Faculty Symposium

Friday, April 24, 2015



Continental Breakfast

Harrison 2131

10:30am – 11:45pm – Opening Session


The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (chaired by Sarah O’Connor) will discuss the work they have been doing on the course objectives and course design of WRTC 201as part of the “alternative assessment” project; with an introduction and overview of WRTC 200 by Traci Zimmerman

Harrison 0118


12:00–1:00pm – Lunch – Harrison 2276


1:15 – 2:30pm – Session 2


Michael Moghtader, “Writing in the Disciplines”


Karen McDonnell, “Fake it ‘Til You Make It: Role Playing in WRTC 300”


Eric LaFreniere, “Neurosemiotics and Digital Writing Assignments”

Harrison 2103

2:45-4:00pm – Session 3


Sarah O’Connor, “In Search of...”


Scott Lunsford, “Getting There: Embodying Automethodological Fieldwork”


Jen Almjeld, “Department Hacks: Technology challenges encourage planning and publishing”

Harrison 2103

4:00-6:00pm – Happy Hour – Beyond Restaurant (50 W. Water Street, Harrisonburg)


Michael Moghtader, “Writing in the Disciplines”: An ongoing study of gateway courses to academic majors at JMU. The study seeks to determine the degree to which writing in those majors (WID) is addressed as part of the purpose of a major gateway course.

Karen McDonnell, “Fake it ‘Til You Make It: Role Playing in WRTC 300”: In Professional Editing, I give an assignment designed to provide a quasi-authentic experience for students. As their first project, students must comprehensively edit an assignment prompt that I use in my 103 course. The assignment is lengthy, wordy, and poorly designed, so they have plenty to do to make it a more useable document. But the actual editing is only 40% of the assignment grade. An equivalent 40% is based on their performance in a “client meeting” – a meeting wherein they take on the role of editor, asking the writer (me) questions to understand the document’s rhetorical situation. They must dress, act, and speak professionally during this meeting and in all communication with the writer. This role-playing exercise offers students practice in and feedback on their professionalism, face-to-face communication skills, and the ability to think on their feet.

Eric LaFreniere, “Neurosemiotics and Digital Writing Assignments”: This presentation proposes a brain-hemispheric model of the linguistic sign and uses that model to discuss writing as a recapitulation of thought and speech, where the RH-lateralized gestalt Image provides the ground of attention upon which the LH-lateralized abstract Word operates. It then proposes that writing assignments can be scaffolded on Canvas Wikipages such that affective-inspirational images (photos and audio-video links) can be gathered and captioned on Pinterest by student authors during prewriting and by their peers during revision, thus using neurosemiotics to leverage digital affordances for writing-assignment purposes.

Sarah O’Connor, “In Search of…”: Listening to marine biologist Edith Widder describe her work, I recognize my world. Teachers are constantly navigating uncharted territory, experimenting, hitting dead ends and trying a different way around.

Scott Lunsford, “Getting There: Embodying Automethodological Fieldwork”: Through this digital, performative presentation, I reflect on my own embodied engagement with fieldwork. Just as I am shifting to producing multimodal scholarship, I frame the research methods I employ as “multimodal” themselves: any material means of exploring the objects of study out in the landscape – cameras, audio recorders, walking boots, the senses, the land itself. Through this experience, I continue to ask, how do embodied, material relationships with research help me engage the work more meaningfully?

Jen Almjeld, “Department Hacks: Technology challenges encourage planning and publishing”: Just as WRTC students face an always-changing technological landscape in their personal and work lives, the department too must be responsive and agentive in our reactions to changes in technology and curriculum to equip our students for life beyond JMU. The #DigitalSteam committee is turning financial challenges related specifically to Adobe products into an opportunity for programmatic and pedagogical change. This presentation will discuss our process – facilitated, in large part, by graduate student research – in mapping the WRTC tech landscape and using that data to plan for our own futures and, in the form of a proposed conference presentations and a publication, to contribute to similar conversations departments across the nation face.


April 24: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community): Location: Rose Library 5230 CFI Resource Room

click to register

Writers' Lockdowns encourage faculty writers to dive into projects with concentrated time and effort. Held on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings, these mini-lockdowns will help create a regular writing pattern during the academic year. Peace of mind provided -- faculty writers provide the words.  Coffee is available for purchase at Starbucks.

Note: Consultations must be requested in advance by emailing

Faculty participants will make progress toward the following faculty community outcomes:

  • Practicing the integration of writing as aspect of career
  • Advancing writing projects, and
  • Increasing a sense of belonging to a writing community

Faculty participants will make progress toward the following scholarship area outcome:

  • Enhancing scholarly productivity.

April 24: Coffee and Conversation-April:

The Madison Collaborative provides the time, place, coffee, breakfast snacks, and a common pedagogical interest. You provide the questions and conversations. Join Dr. Karin Tollefson-Hall from the School of Art, Design, and Art History, Ms. Ingrid DeSanctis from the School of Theatre and Dance, and others who are using or interested in learning more about the 8KQ ethical reasoning strategy. Please RSVP to by April  21st. Faculty, staff and administrators are all welcome.


April 24: Art History Alum-Student Luncheon and Art History Forum: Duke Hall MORE >

April 24: Apply to be a student small group leader for Alt. Thanksgiving Break!:

Apply by noon, April 24th to be a small group leader for the 2015 Alternative Thanksgiving Break Trip: Commemorating Katrina Relief Efforts. As a Small Group Leader, you will also have the opportunity to help or facilitate an event during Katrina Awareness Week (September 14-18)! This Thanksgiving service trip will be styled a lot like our Alternative May Break because we are commemorating JMU's 10 years helping with Katrina Relief!

You do not have to have any alternative break experience to apply. 

Some of the small group responsibilities may start this semester, so make sure you check the dates in the application!! 

Click here to apply to be a Student Small Group Leader.

Click here to apply to be a Faculty/Staff Small Group Leader.

Email your finished appliation to

Can't wait to hear from you!


April 24: Innovate LIVE:

Innovate LIVE

Innovate LIVE is a crowd-sourced, energy-packed, festive convergence of Local Innovators, Visionaries, and Entrepreneurs.

Staunton Street

Over three days, social entrepreneurs, community organizers, and artistic creators will converge in coffee shops, patios, and classrooms to explore the next wave of innovative ideas that are transforming our local communities.  Sustainability, cooperation, the new economy,  arts and music will be the lenses through which we explore local opportunities for change and evolution. Together, we will develop and share the tools to build more vibrant communities and more creative lives.

The open-air format includes interactive workshops hosted by successful entrepreneurs, keynotes from leading change-makers, funding forums for new projects, and laid-back evenings for odd minds and young ideas to mingle.

The festive convergence will be held on the streets, in the schools, and among the restaurants, bars, and coffee shops of historic downtown Staunton, Virginia.

Come for the inspiration, stay for the local food, music, and community. We are ready to play.


April 24: Cardinal Carnival:

Cardinal Carnival---Volunteers Needed!

When: Friday, April 24th

Where: River Bend Elementary School
Time: 4:30 - 8:00pm (work in shifts or as you can volunteer your time)
What: Mini-carnival w/prizes, food, games and fun!

Volunteers will collect tickets, work the games, help with food, and other tasks as needed!

For mor info. call 298-5301 or contact


April 24: Seminar: Gait, posture, pogo-sticks and newfangled neurogenetics: How do many-legged animals control their locomotion?:

Bioscience 1007

Gait, posture, pogo-sticks and newfangled neurogenetics: How do many-legged animals control their locomotion?

Dr. Andrew Spence

Associate Professor
Department of Bioengineering
Temple University

One of the grand challenges for modern science is to understand how animals move. Movement results from the dynamic interaction of many complex, nonlinear constituents: the nervous system, muscles, the the body, and an often-unpredictable external environment. Yet many animals move quickly through the environment with stability and economy surpassing our technology. This talk will present three threads of research that seek to understand different aspects of legged lomocotion control: 1) comparative work in insects, dogs, and the XRL robot aimed at understanding both how and why control strategy varies with body morphology, 2) a dynamical systems approach to understanding gait, that aims to understand how the "fine structure" of experimentally observed quadrupedal gait control reflects constraints such as stability, and finally, 3) recent work towards bringing optogenetics to bear on problems in legged locomotion control.


April 24: Time Management: Reducing Stress in Your Life (Workshop):

Location:  Rose Library Room 5211. 

Click to register

In this workshop, participants will create a long-term map that will help them make better decisions. Participants will define their key sources of happiness, life priorities, and personal highlights. They will learn how one’s thoughts can be harnessed to help reach goals, and how NOT to schedule moments in one’s day, week, or life. Participants will plot out their life and, along the way, they will work with a handful of fellow travelers to fine-tune and check each other’s plans. 

Faculty participants will make progress toward:

  • Creating a time map of events and projects that will serve as a tool for making decisions.
  • Appreciating how stress is the ultimate time-manager for most people
  • Understanding strategies to reduce stress related to career planning  

Faculty participants will make progress toward the following career development outcomes:

  • Demonstrating knowledge of university-wide resources to support career roles and responsibilities
  • Accessing resources to enhance career plans

Facilitator:  Bob Eliason, College of Business 


April 24: Honors Symposium:

Madison Union Ballroom (Warren Hall, 5th floor)

The Honors Symposium showcases academic research and creative scholarship by JMU Honors students. More than 60 of our graduating seniors will present posters describing their Senior Honors Projects and will answer questions and discuss their work with the audience. The symposium is open to all members of the JMU community and beyond. Come celebrate the outstanding work of JMU Honors students!

Program of Events

1:00 PM - Pre-symposium Senior Honors Project Workshop
Informal workshop for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Graduating seniors will discuss their Senior Honors Projects, share their experiences, and answer questions about the process of designing and completing a senior project. This workshop will be led by current Honors students. 

2:30 PM - Honors Symposium

4:30 PM - Post-symposium cookout at Hillcrest House hosted by Madison Honors, the Honors Program student organization. All students, faculty, and friends are welcome.

List of Presenters

Al Husseini, Diana  |  Chemistry  |  Faculty Advisor: Yanjie Zhang
“Effects of Anions and Amino Acids on Surface Tension of Water”

Al-Karagholi, Adnan Mustafa  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Theresa Enyeart Smith
"The Effectiveness of Sealants in Protecting Against Occlusal Cavities"

Beben, Ashleigh  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Georgia Polacek
"An investigation of On-campus Composting Among Undergraduate College Students"

Brooks, Kathryn  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Lincoln C. Gray
"Pre-Pulse Inhibition Assessment of Sound Localization in Mice"

Cameron, Deborah Patrice  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Katherine Ott Walter
"A Study of the Relationship Between High-Risk Sexual Behaviors and Self-Esteem in College-Aged Black Women"

Cannon, Audrey  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Sarah O'Connor
"Crossing Language Barriers: Using Translation to Bridge Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Gender-based Gaps"

Corbett, Andrew  |  Finance  |  Faculty Advisor: Elias Semaan
"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Deterministic and Simulation-Based Options Pricing Models"

Corser, Jennifer, Julia Glauber, & Mollie Moran  |  Nursing  |  Faculty Advisor: Julie A. Strunk
"Family and Child Development Education for Harrisonburg Adolescents"

Cregger, Alyson  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Monica Reis-Bergan
"The Effect of Communication Type on Knowledge Retention of Brain Injuries"

Deitrick, Christopher  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Jamie L. Kurtz
"Can Small Details Bring Big Success?: Construal Levels as Academic Goal Strategies"

Distler, Lauren  |  Engineering  |  Faculty Advisor: Kyle Gipson
"Feasibility Study: The Evaluation of Polymer Coatings to Prevent Weathering of Weak Rocks"

Dodson, Erica  |  English  |  Faculty Advisor: Siân E. White
"Reactions to World War I in Poetry"

Donohue, Sarah  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Maria Theresa Wessel
"Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Related to Emergency Contraception Among College Students"

Dwyer, Megan  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Katherine Ott Walter
"The Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants Among Students with High Academic Standing"

Fitzgerald, Kaitlin  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Monica Reis-Bergan
"Helicopter Parenting and Parent-Child Attachment"

Ford, Austin  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Mark D. Hawthorne
"JMU Dining To Go"

Fulcher, Taylor  |  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies  |  Faculty Advisor: Edward Brantmeier
"A Comparative Analysis of the Racial and Class Achievement Gap in Schooling in the United States, France, and South Africa"

Gallaher, Katherine  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Cynthia R. O'Donoghue
"Does Vestibular Sensory Stimulation, in the Form of Slow, Linear Swinging, Change the Modes of Communication Among Children with Autism?"

Haddon, Beatrix  |  Finance  |  Faculty Advisor: Elias Semaan
"The Effect of the Dodd-Frank Act on Risk in the Financial Industry"

Healey, Michelle  |  Media Arts and Design  |  Faculty Advisor: Sabrena Deal
"The Leadership Hub"

Heerschap, Seth  |  Physics  |  Faculty Advisor: Klebert Feitosa
"Aqueous Foam Stabilized by Tricationic Amphiphilic Surfactants"

Howard, Kathryn  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Kevin J. Apple
"The Impact of “Fearful” and “Serene” Mood on Mortality Salience"

Hunt, Jessica  |  Communication Studies  |  Faculty Advisor: Tim Ball
"Creating Supplements to an Anti-Bullying Program in a Harrisonburg City Public School"

Jacobs, Lindsey  |  Marketing  |  Faculty Advisor: Eric Van Steenburg
"Meaning Transfer in the Celeberity Candidate-Endorsement Relationship"

Jimenez-Bush, Isabel  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Audrey J. Burnett
"The First Year: The Relationship Between Loneliness and Wellness Among College Freshman"

Jordan, Eleanor  |  Economics  |  Faculty Advisor: William C. Grant
"Critical Analysis of the Confounding of Clinical Trials"

Kalavritinos, Ashley  |  Psychology  | Faculty Advisor:  Jeffrey T. Andre
"The Effect of Global and Local Processing in the Attentional Blink"

Kelley, Mackenzie  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Shelley Aley
"Human-Animal Communication in Captive Species: Dogs, Horses, and Whales"

Knudsen, Molly  |  Honors Interdisciplinary  |  Faculty Advisor: Keri Bethune
"Manifestation Determinations: An Interdisciplinary and User-Friendly Guide to Best Practices"

Kohanik, Megan  |  Mathematics  |  Faculty Advisor: Alexis L. Stevens
"Summing It Up: Comparing and Contrasting Constructivist-Based Teaching Practices"

Langouet-Astrie, Christophe  |  Biotechnology  |  Faculty Advisor: Louise Temple
"Tricistronic Lenti-Viral Vector Construction using Scar-less DNA Assembly Methods and Web-based Software j5 to Help Study GRK4"

Larkin, Rachel  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Krisztina Jakobsen
"Retention Across Pedagogies"

Legan, Joseph  |  History  |  Faculty Advisor: John J. Butt
"The Medical Response to the Black Death"

Logan, Samantha  |  Studio Art  |  Faculty Advisor: Richard D. Hilliard
"Terra Firma: A Novel in the Making"

Maher, Lauren  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Cynthia R. O'Donoghue
"Quality of Life Indices in Brain Injury: A Pilot Investigation"

Massa, Olivia  |  Dietetics  |  Faculty Advisor: Janet W. Gloeckner
"Effectiveness of Nutrition Diagnosis and Intervention"

Mathers, Catherine  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey T. Andre
"The Effects of X-Axis Rotation on Data Estimation Accuracy"

McAvoy, Caitlin  |  Theatre & Dance  |  Faculty Advisor: Kate M. Arecchi
"Dancing with Romania: The Study and Exploration of Dance Therapy for Women and Girls in the 21st Century"

Melville, Kathleen  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Kevin Jefferson
"Finding Home: A Collection of Travel Essays from a Semester in Florence, Italy"

Michelli, Allison  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Karen McDonnell
"Local Flavors: An Exploration of Food Writing in the Shenandoah Valley"

Millet, Holly  |  Sociology  |  Faculty Advisor: Matthew B. Ezzell
"The Year of Change: Challenges Faced by First-year Students Based on Individual Identities"

Moore, Morgan  |  Marketing  |  Faculty Advisor: W. Val Larsen
"Intuitive Thought and Consumer Decision Making"

Nehrt, Jennifer  |  History  |  Faculty Advisor: Jessica Davidson
"A Model of Masculinity: Youth, Gender, and Education in Fascist Italy, 1922-1939"

Pelto, Emily  |  Biology  |  Faculty Advisor: Louise M. Temple
"Identification of the Staphyloccal Casette Chromosome mec (SCCmec) Element in Viral Fractions from Environmental Samples"

Perlin, Abby  |  Biology  |  Faculty Advisor: Kyle Seifert
"The Effect of Hand Sanitizer Use on Infection Rate in College Students"

Pittard, Rachel  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Ayasakanta Rout
"Listening Fatigue and Response Time in Normal Hearning Listeners"

Price, Morgan  |  Kinesiology  |  Faculty Advisor: Michael J. Saunders
"Effect of Carbohydrate Intake on Pacing in Endurance Cycling"

Richardson, Rebecca  |  Honors Interdisciplinary  |  Faculty Advisor: Philip L. Frana
"Judging Laura"

Rubino, Matthew  |  Finance  |  Faculty Advisor: Pamela Drake
"The Effects of Quantitative Easing in the United States: Implications for Future Central Bank Policy Makers"

Rugel, Chelsea  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey T. Andre
"The Effect of Auditory Stimuli on Time-to-Time Contact"

Salafia, Rachel  |  English  |  Faculty Advisor: Paul W. Bogard
"Coal Black Tapestry: Gary, West Virginia"

Schuler, Taylor  |  Nursing  |  Faculty Advisor: Christine A. Argenbright
"Postoperative Pain Management"

Stratton, Deborah  |  Biology  |  Faculty Advisor: Corey L. Cleland
"The Effect of Physical and Demographic Factors and Training on the Time-to-Adoption of Domestic Cats in a Local Shelter"

Thomas, Samantha  |  Modern Foreign Languages: Italian  |  Faculty Advisor: Giuliana Fazzion
"Rediscovering Italian Roots: An Analysis of the Journey of Italian Immigrants and their Contributions to American Society"

Vieth, Daniel  |  Communication Studies  |  Faculty Advisor: Tatjana M. Hocke
"Google Glass and Public Relations: The Use of Optical Head-Mounted Displays in Building Dialogue"

Wilcox, Annika  |  Justice Studies  |  Faculty Advisor: Jesse R. McKee
"A Study of Domestic Violence and Patriarchial Ideologies in Popular Men's Magazines"

Wolfe, Rachel  |  Education  |  Faculty Advisor: Mary Beth Cancienne
"How to Teach Hamlet"


April 24: JMU Cyber Security Town Hall Meeting:

Bioscience Building Room 1007



The 2015 Virginia Cyber Security Commission Town Hall Series stops in Harrisonburg on April 24th.  The purpose of this Town Hall Series is to introduce the public to the mission of the Virginia Cyber Security Commission.  Established by Governor Terry McAuliffe in 2014 through Executive Order Number 8, the Virginia Cyber Security Commission brings together experts from the public and private sectors to develop recommendations that will help to position Virginia as a leader in cyber security.  This event will feature keynote and panel presentations, as well as a question-and-answer session with commission members.  The talks will focus on a variety of cyber security topics, including recent national hacks, best practices, federal and state programs, cyber education, and cybercrime to name a few.

Parking Information/Registration


Featured Speakers

Jennifer Bisceglie, Interos Solutions Inc., CEO – Ms. Bisceglie has more than 20 years of commercial technology and business operations experience in cyber security, business process re-engineering, and commercial technology implementation for diverse companies, industries, and governments.  In 2005, Jennifer launched Interos to deliver comprehensive supply chain solutions to federal agencies looking to mitigate their supply chain risk and enable them to conduct business as effectively as possible.

Rhonda Eldridge, Technica Corporation, Director of Engineering – Rhonda Eldridge provides Network Engineering and Software Engineering management services to various Technica Corporation government clients. She has technically supervised and implemented many communications projects, including systems projects, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based software implementation projects, optical equipment installations, and large-scale Internet Protocol (IP) network implementations. Rhonda’s direct experience includes managing projects from laboratory testing through implementation and ongoing systems support. She holds a Post Master’s Certificate in Telecommunications, a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Electromagnetics and Communications, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Yvonne Harris, JMU, Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship – Dr. Harris serves as the first Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship at James Madison University.  In this role, she provides leadership over the Offices of Sponsored Programs, Technology Innovation, Research Integrity, and Research Development and Promotion, in addition to five research and outreach centers addressing security and energy issues.  Dr. Harris previously served as the Associate Vice President of Sponsored Programs at Chicago State University, where she was responsible for the administration and management of $125 million in federal and state grants.

Vernon McCandlish, General Electric Company, Senior Malware Analyst – Mr. McCandlish earned a B.S. in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a M.S. in Utica College’s Economic Crime Management program.  He holds three industry certifications: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), and GIAC’s Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM).

Edna Reid, JMU, Associate Professor of Intelligence Analysis – Dr. Reid retired as an intelligence analyst at the FBI.  Prior to arriving at JMU, she taught at several universities in the U.S. and Singapore, such as the University of Arizona, Clarion University, St. Jose State University, and Rutgers University.  At the University of Arizona, she served as a research scientist in the Artificial Intelligence Lab.  Formerly, she was an entrepreneur with an Internet start-up in Malaysia.

Social Media

Engage in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #cyberVA

For More Information

Contact Ben Delp @


April 24: Film Screening: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night:

Grafton-Stovall Theater

Synopsis: Residents of a worn-down Iranian city encounter a skateboarding vampire (Sheila Vand) who preys on men who disrespect women. (Amirpour, 2014)


April 24: Global Connections:

Location: Hoffman Hall Lounge

global connections icon

Come join the international community to mingle and relax over some free tea and coffee!

This event, which is held every Friday from 3-5pm, is a perfect way to unwind after a stresfful week.

Help us spread the news about this event by downloading our event flyer.


April 24: C-Suite Speaker Series: Michael Ross:

Friday, April 24, 2015 | 3:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. | Zane Showker Hall, Room G5 : The College of Business is pleased to welcome the second speaker in the C-Suite Speaker Series Michael Ross the Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Visa Inc. Ross will be giving a presentation entitled "How about: What Makes a Great Employee in the 21st Century," on Friday, April 24, 2015 in Zane Showker Hall, Room G5. 

The schedule for the event is as follows:

3:00-3:30 p.m.: Beta Gamma Sigma Induction Ceremony

3:30-4:30 p.m.: Michael Ross Presentation

4:30-5:30 p.m.: Reception


April 24: Student Research Symposium:

Student Research Symposium

Click here for schedule of presentations

Memorial Hall 7370


April 24: A.A.:

Apr. 24 | 8-9pm | Burruss Hall 232

Alcoholics Anonymous open, young persons' meeting is Friday nights, 8pm, Burruss Hall, room 232.

There is a bus stop across Mason Street at Miller Hall and parking is available that evening at JMU in the regular, "lined" parking spaces (no metered spaces, no reserved spaces, no fire lanes).


April 25: Benefit for the Wounded Warriors of Virginia:

Come out to the Spotsylvania Towne Centre on April 25th for a Benefit for the Wounded Warriors of Virginia. The event will feature a motorcycle rodeo, live music and information regarding veteran services throughout Virginia. It is sponsored by the Spotsylvania Sherri's Office.

Questions? Contact Major Don Thodos at (540) 507-7196 or via email:


April 25: Day of the Child Festival:

Keister Elementary School hosts its second annual Day of the Child Festival at 100 Maryland Ave, Harrisonburg, Va. Local organizations share information about programs and services for local families. Keister families will provide a potluck lunch including flavors from around the world as they celebrate diverse heritages. There will be games for children and musical entertainment for all.

Furious Flower staff will be there to talk with you about the annual Children’s Poetry Camp, which takes place on the JMU campus this summer, Aug. 3-7, 2015.


April 25: Dukettes Tryout Schedule Announced:

Please visit the Dukettes Tryout page for more details about this event.


April 25: Special Collections Oral History Reception:

2-3:30 p.m.
Room 5211, Rose Library

The event is the opening reception for the first collection of the Shenandoah Living Archive, a new Libraries and Educational Technologies initiative curating life in the Valley. “Ang Buhay sa Nayon – Oral Histories of Filipino Americans in the Shenandoah Valley” is the initial collection.

The reception, which features an array of Filipino food, is hosted by the JMU History Department, Special Collection and Libraries and Educational Technologies via the Burruss Foundation.

For information, contact Dr. Mark E. Peterson of Special Collections at


April 26: Spring Picnic:

You are invited to enjoy the company of students and faculty at the Math & Stat. department spring picnic.

We ask that faculty bring a dish (side or dessert) to share. 

Location: Shelter 2 in Purcell Park.Shelter 2 is closest to the kid’s castle.  Directions can be found here.


April 27: Children's Spring Nature Art Camp:

April 27, 29 and 30

10 a.m.-noon Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Frances Plecker Education Center, Edith J. Carrier Arboretum

Jewel Yoder Hertzler leads the three-session workshop for children ages 7 to 12. The spring-themed workshop is part of an ongoing series of seasonal workshops for children’s art instruction that will allow young artists to produce their own botanical journal that they will treasure for a lifetime.

The $35 fee includes sketch journal and pencil.

Visit to register online or call (540) 568-3194.


April 27: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown (Faculty Community): Location: Rose Library 5230 CFI Resource Room

click to register

Writers' Lockdowns encourage faculty writers to dive into projects with concentrated time and effort. Held on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings, these mini-lockdowns will help create a regular writing pattern during the academic year. Peace of mind provided -- faculty writers provide the words.  Coffee is available for purchase at Starbucks.

Note: Consultations must be requested in advance by emailing

Faculty participants will make progress toward the following faculty community outcomes:
  • Practicing the integration of writing as aspect of career
  • Advancing writing projects, and
  • Increasing a sense of belonging to a writing community

Faculty participants will make progress toward the following scholarship area outcome:

  • Enhancing scholarly productivity.

April 27: Colloquia: Speaker: Will Traves. Title: Geometry: Old and New. Roop 103 3:45-4:45PM. More info here. MORE >

April 27: Film screening: The Hunting Ground:

Grafton-Stovall Theater

From the Academy Award-nominated filmmaking team behind THE INVISIBLE WAR, comes a startling exposé of sexual assault on U.S. campuses, institutional cover-ups and the brutal social toll on victims and their families. View the trailer here.


April 27: Common Ground:

Apr. 27 | 8-9pm | Madison Union 203

What do we have in common? More than we think!

Common Ground is a group program for JMU students who want to explore, evaluate, or have questions about the role of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in their life. 

It is a free, confidential, non-judgmental opportunity to connect with and engage in conversations with other students who have similar understanding and experiences with substances.

Common Ground meets Mondays in Madison Union (formerly Warren Hall) Room 203 from 8-9pm. Students can join at any point in the semester, and there is no minimum commitment for attendance.

Please contact the group facilitator Heidi Jordan in the University Health Center with any questions.


April 28: Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence (TD1823):

Location: Wine-Price Building

Workshop Description: As leaders, our emotions are contagious in our organization. Whether we are a supervisor with leadership responsibilities or a non-supervisor who leads without a formal leadership role, we can all contribute to creating a positive, energized and collaborative working environment. This session will allow us to explore how a person in tune with him or herself and the people they work with can create a sense of resonance in the workplace that leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the meaning of “resonant leadership” and its importance in a fostering a productive work environment
  • Learn about the four domains of emotional intelligence leadership competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management
  • Understand why employees who are emotionally engaged accomplish more
  • Identify ways that the development of emotional intelligence skills leads to greater movement towards positive change and growth

This workshop is based on the book Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis and Annie McKee.

Presented by: Jennifer Campfield, Director of Training and Development


April 29: Tea Time: Tea Time is every Wednesday during semester from 2-2:45PM in Roop 103. Please join faculty and students in social time.  BYO mug if you have one. MORE >

April 29: Dolley Madison Event:

Celebrating the “SEA”

The Staff Emeriti Association invites you to our Premier event!

Wednesday, April 29 from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

In the Alleghany Room, first floor of JMU’s Festival Center.

Please join fellow Staff Emeriti for refreshments, networking and planning

Followed by an exclusive viewing of the exhibition “Dolley Madison: The First, First Lady” led by Dr. Kate Stevens, Director of the Madison Art Collection, in the Lisanby Gallery.

Plan to be a part of the exciting Premier event!

RSVP your attendance by April 17th:


April 29: American Women at War Project Presentations:

5-7 p.m.
Room 306, Taylor Hall

JMU Honors program students enrolled in the American Women at War course present their multimedia productions based on their archival research projects of American women who served in the military during World War I and II. Over the course of the spring 2015 semester, these students conducted research at the Army Women’s Museum archives located at Fort Lee, Va. These student projects will be used as future exhibits housed at the museum and will serve as valuable tools for researchers on American women’s contributions to the military during the 20th century.

RSVP is requested, but not required, to Amelia Underwood at Free.


April 30: Visiting Scholar Philip Davies:

Philip Davies, Director, Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, Brunel University, UK

“Intelligence, Politics and Government: National Intelligence Cultures and National Intelligence Systems”

Time and location TBA


April 30: End of semester and 2nd block classes: MORE >

April 30: Travel Signature Day:

The ISSS office will be open from 8 am to 5 pm today, to have your immigration document signed for summer travel.  If you plan to travel outside the United States during the summer and plan to return to JMU, you will need a signature on your Form I-20 or Form DS-2019.   NOTE:  IF YOUR I-20 WAS SIGNED ANY TIME DURING THE SPRING 2015 SEMESTER, YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE IT SIGNED NOW.

More information about traveling while on your student status.

April 30: Emerging Leaders (TD1049):

Location: Wine-Price Building

Session: 7 of 7

Session Description: The Cherry Tree Approach

This professional development course will help participants recognize the importance of integrity and honesty in a leadership role. After completing this module you will be able to:

  • Define ethics
  • Define integrity
  • Develop strategies for making ethical decisions
  • Identify the importance of integrity in the workplace

Presented by: Rick Larson, AVP, Human Resources, Training and Performance


April 30: Graduate Community Picnic:

Join us to celebrate the end of another wonderful year at JMU! All are welcome to enjoy a great time together with free food, swag bags, and good music!

When: Thursday, April 30th

Time: 4:30pm

Where: Grace Street House Lawn

We will also announce the recipients of the Impact Awards and GSA Scholarships, as well as recognize the 2015-2016 GSA Executive Council!

So grab a roommate, your classmates, and friends and don’t miss this celebratory event of graduate community connection!


April 30: End-of-year Social: Details coming soon! MORE >

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