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The warm weather will soon be a thing of the past! In a few weeks, we’ll be well on our way to enjoying crisp fall air.

Looking for ways to stay cool in your hall until then? Here are a few suggestions you may try to get some relief!


Fans, fans, FANS!

To maximize air flow in your room,

make sure both you and your roommate have a fan.

Placing a box fan in your window with the blades facing

out can pull the warm air out of the room!

Hang out in your hall’s TV Lounge!

You can indulge in the air conditioning while hanging

out and making new friends!

Drink lots of cold water!

Place a few bottles in the freezer and sip away!

Have a popsicle party! 

Chill out with your roomies and hall friends while 

enjoying a sweet treat!

Cool it down!

Use a cold, damp washcloth on your forehead or neck!

It’s a quick trick that can cool you down in a snap!

Need a bit of a break?

You can always visit other places on campus!

The Student Success Center, Madison Union,

Festival and UREC all have air conditioning!

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