Students may receive fines for violations of residence hall policies including, but not limited to, the following:

Violated Policy  Fine
Alcohol/empty containers $75
Balconies, roofs and windows $50
Bicycle/improper storage $50
Bunk beds/improper bunking $50
Candles and incense $75
Cleaning $50 (minimum)
Community Standards $75
Early arrival $100
Failure to evacuate in a fire emergency $75
Failure to prepare room for new roommate $50
Fire safety (including room inspection violations) $75
Furniture misappropriation $50 (per day per piece of furniture after a 24-hour grace period to return furniture)
Housekeeping $50
Improper check-in $50
Improper check-out $50
Lock Change $50
Lock-out violation
$50 (first two lockouts no charge, $50 for third and each additional lockout)
Loft bed improper storage $50 (immediate and additional charges of $25 per day for each day the materials remain improperly stored)
Loft bed inspection failure $50 (after failing second inspection: 72 hours after first inspection and $25 per day for each day the bed remains without inspection approval)
Loft bed up after deadline $50 (plus incidental charges for damage or improper checkout)
Non-compliance with official request $75
$50 (per day per pet)
Quiet hours/noise $75
Smoking $75
Suite combination change $50 (first time no charge)
Temporary Access Card lost $25
$50 (minimum)
Unauthorized room change $50
Unwelcoming to potential roommate $75
Visitation $75
Wireless Routers $50

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