Buses & Pedestrians


The Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation will be purchasing seven new buses this summer. The new buses, in addition to the existing bus inventory, should significantly help JMU and the City of Harrisonburg meet the growing demand for public transportation.

The parking lot that is currently being used as a construction staging area for the Bridgeforth Stadium expansion will be converted to a bus depot or staging area in the fall of 2011. In addition, all buses accessing the bus depot will enter and exit at the Bluestone/Duke Drive intersection. That gate will always be closed. The entrance and exit for parking in Lot G will will be at the Bluestone Drive/Carrier Drive intersection.

Bus Schedules

  • BRCC Shuttle — Travels around Rockingham and Augusta counties.
  • Trips with Google — Use Google to plan trips using public transportation.
  • Home Ride — Leaves the JMU Campus and travels to Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, Richmond and Hampton on weekends.
  • College Transit — Takes students to major metro areas where they can catch a train or bus. This is especially helpful for students who come from New England when it comes time for break.
  • Android Application, iPhone Application or iPad — These applications show the JMU bus schedule.

  • Pedestrians

    The four-way pedestrian stop at the intersection of Bluestone Drive and South Main Street will no longer exist beginning fall of 2011. Instead, those interested in crossing South Main Street should use the pedestrian tunnel.

    A traffic light at the intersection of Carrier Drive and University Boulevard will be installed this summer. JMU will reimburse the city for the cost of the new traffic light.

    JMU continues to make some progress with bike paths on campus. Certain parts of the campus are more difficult than others due to some roads being so narrow. However, the current bike paths on Carrier Drive that stop on the main campus side of Interstate 81 will be extended to Bluestone Drive.

    Bluestone Drive and Duke Drive will remain shared roads for bicyclists and vehicles.

    Pedestrian Resources