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Our Graduate Assistants

Nicole Evans

Nicole Evans, Graduate Assistant

Email: | Office: 2107 Miller Hall

Nicole Evans graduated from James Madison University in December of 2012 with a B.S. in Public Policy Administration Management. Nicole is a graduate assistant for the political science department and enjoys working on a number of different research projects. Her specific interests are in the field of public policy and administration as it relates to urban development, mass transportation systems, and economic development. During her time in the program Nicole hopes to make strides in assisting to make the JMU MPA program stronger in the field of community engagement and upon graduation in 2015, she hopes to pursue a P.h.D. in Public Administration with some kind of concentration in Urban Development and Regional Planning.

Frank Hopkins photo

Frank Hopkins, Graduate Assistant

Email: | Office: 2107 Miller Hall

Frank Hopkins is a first year MPA student and grad assistant. Frank received a B.A in History from Christopher Newport University in 2008. He then spent five years as a police officer in Fairfax County before enrolling at JMU in pursuit of a master’s. Frank is interested in public management and would like to work in local government upon completion of the program.

Sophie Kwok

Sophie Kwok, Graduate Assistant

Email: | Office: 2107 Miller Hall

Sophie Kwok started the MPA program in Fall 2014.  She earned her Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Nottingham, England in 2012.  Sophie's dedication and interest in public service grew after graduation when she began volunteering with the Red Cross while working in law firms in Hong Kong, China.  Currently she is conducting research with Dr. Alexander on Environmental Policy in areas of Biofuel development.  Sophie plans on earning her degree in May 2016 and would like to work in either a government organization or a legal nonprofit.

Samantha Noble

Samantha Noble, Graduate Assistant

Email: | Office: 2107 Miller Hall

Samantha Noble is a second-year graduate student in the MPA program. She is proud of her “Double Duke” status, having graduated in December 2013 with her Bachelor’s of Social Work and a double major in Public Management.  Samantha anticipates graduating in Spring 2015 with an individualized concentration focusing on economic development, international sustainability, and strategic growth.  During her time in the MPA progra she has enjoyed conducting research on a variety of topics, establishing community partnerships through applied projects, and assisting with JMU's Graduate Student Association.

While Samantha is not sure yet what she plans to do after graduation, she feels confident that the leadership and written communication skills she has gained from the MPA program will help her find a career path!

Jasmine Smalls photo

Jasmine Smalls, Graduate Assistant

Email: | Office: 2107 Miller Hall

Jasmine Smalls is a second year Master of Public Administration student, concentrating in Public and Nonprofit Management. Jasmine received her Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management and a Bachelor of Science Human Services degree from Old Dominion University in 2012. Before attending the MPA program at James Madison University, she worked at a nonprofit agency overseeing case management support to people with disabilities. Upon receipt of her MPA, Jasmine is interested in continuing work with nonprofits and she is also interested in local government work.

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