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May Symposium

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2014 Sponsors

May Symposium is a signature event of the Center for Faculty Innovation. Additional financial support is offered by the following organizations:

Center for Assessment and Research Studies Department of Graduate Psychology
Center for Instructional Technology The Graduate School
College of Education Logic and Reasoning Institute
College of Health and Behavioral Studies Office of Research and Scholarship
Department of Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education Office of Sponsored Programs
School of Strategic Leadership Studies

2014 Authentic Partners

The following facilitators and organizations partner with the Center for Faculty Innovation to provie programmatic support for May Symposium:

Facilitator: Department:
Thomas Adajian Department of Philosophy & Religion
Chris Arndt College of Arts & Letters
Bo Bashkov The Center for Assesment and Research Studies
Marta Bechtel Department of Biology
Sarah Brooks Department of Art, Design, & Art History
Andreas Broscheid Department of Political Science
Christopher Carrillo School of Music
Kathy Clarke JMU Libraries & Educational Technology
Carrie Combs College Engagement
John Creswell University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Laura Drake Davis JMU Libraries & Educational Technology
Michael Davis School of Communication Studies
Lesley Eicher Student Health Services
Chris Ehrhart Office of Judicial Affairs
Keston Fulcher The Center for Assesment and Research Studies
Walt Ghant Community Service Learning
Julie Gochenour School of Communication Studies
Amy Graham Department of Nursing
Dana Haraway Education Programs
Steven Harper Department of Engineering
Rich Harris Community Service Learning
Tillie Harris Grant Training Center in Arlington, VA
Bill Hawk The Madison Collaborative
Corey Hickerson School of Communication Studies
Steven Holloway JMU Libraries & Educational Technology
Elizabeth Howley Student Wellness & Outreach
Chris Hughes Department of Physics
Linda Hulton Department of Nursing
Donielle Janow Department of Psychology
Brook Kennedy Virginia Tech
Shelly Laurenzo Career & Academic Planning
Adam Lindberg Madison Union
Fletcher Linder Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Tracy Lupher Department of Philosophy & Religion
Paul Mabrey School of Communication Studies
Sean McCarthy Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
David McGraw Department of Integrated Science and Technology
Cathryn Molloy Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Phyllis Munn Student Health Services
Jacquelyn Nagel Department of Engineering
Carole Nash Department of Integrated Science and Technology
Misty Newman Community Service Learning
Genya O'Gara JMU Libraries & Educational Technology
RJ Ohgren Office of Judicial Affairs
David Onestak Counseling Center
Mark Piper Department of Philosophy & Religion
Ashley Privott Alumni Relations
Lori Pyle The Madison Collaborative
David Ripley University of Connecticut
Vanessa Rouillon Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Julie Sanford Department of Nursing
Erika Sawin Department of Nursing
Carolyn Schubert JMU Libraries & Educational Technology
Julia Sochacki Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
David Stringham School of Music
Jennifer Taylor Department of Political Science
Amy Thelk Education Programs
James Ward Department of Philosophy & Religion

CFI Professionals

Carol A. Hurney Executive Director - Academic Culture
Edward Brantmeier Assistant Director - Scholarship
Douglas Harrison Assistant Director - Career Development
Cara Meixner Assistant Director - Teaching
Michael Morrison Program Administrator
Emily Kohl Assistant Program Administrator
Melissa Lyon Graduate Student Assistant
Megan Rodgers Graduate Student Assistant - Assessment
Brittany Bilodeau Student Assistant - Assessment