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May Symposium

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Keynote Speaker


John W. Creswell is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  In addition to teaching at the University, he has authored numerous  articles on mixed methods research, qualitative methodology, and general research design and 22 books (including new editions), many of which focus on types of research designs, comparisons of different qualitative methodologies, and the nature  and use of mixed methods research. His books are translated into many languages and used around the world. He held the Clifton Institute Endowed Professor Chair for five years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For an additional five years, Dr. Creswell served as a co-director at the Office of Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which provided support for scholars incorporating qualitative and mixed methods research into projects for extramural   funding.  He served as the founding Co-editor for the SAGE journal, the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, and as an Adjunct Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan where he assisted investigators in the health sciences and education with research methodology for National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation projects.  He also served extensively as a consultant in the health services research area for the Veterans Administration.  Dr. Creswell was a Senior Fulbright Scholar to South Africa and in 2008 lectured to faculty at five universities on mixed methods in education and the health sciences. In 2012 he again was a Senior Fulbright Scholar to Thailand. In 2011 he served as a co-leader of a national working group at the National Institutes of Health developing “best practices” for mixed methods research in the health sciences. In spring 2013, Dr. Creswell was a Visiting Professor at Harvard’s School of Public Health. In summer, 2013, he conducted mixed methods training at Cambridge University in the UK.  In 2014, he will be awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Designing a Rigorous Mixed Methods Study Scholarship Institute
Facilitator: John Creswell (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Tues May 13 9:00 AM - 4:50 PM (Festival Highlands Room)


This institute will take an applied, practical orientation toward mixed methods research to help participants design (or redesign) a rigorous mixed methods research study. Participants will examine the essentials of mixed methods research and then move into the steps in designing a mixed methods project, exploring such topics as drafting a mixed methods title, a general intent statement, types of data to be collected, a rationale for using mixed methods, worldview and theory positioning, mixed methods designs and creating a diagram of a design and noting its validity issues, and a mixed methods purpose statement and research question.

This institute is designed to help faculty make progress towards the following outcomes:

  • Be able to describe both qualitative and quantitative research approaches;
  • Describe steps for designing a mixed method study;
  • Advance individual projects; and
  • Share rigorous designs with colleagues.
Mixed Methods: State of the Art Scholarship Plenary Talk
Facilitator: John Creswell
Wed May 14 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM (Festival Highlands Room)
If you plan to attend this plenary talk, register for CFI Conference Wednesday. There is no enrollment for the individual session.


Mixed methods research represents a growing set of strategies supporting scholarly work in many disciplines. This scholarly talk will explore the current definition of mixed methods research - what it is and what it is not; when mixed methods research developed and how it has expanded; when to use this methodology to study research problems; specific procedures used in conducting mixed research including the major research designs currently being employed, and both the challenges and rewards of using this methodology in research. Finally, current readings will be advanced to learn more about mixed methods research.

This plenary talk is designed to help faculty make progress towards the following outcomes:

  • Gain clarity about what mixed method research is; and
  • Appreciate the challenges and rewards of mixed-method research
Scholarly Publishing: Tips and Barriers Scholarship Roundtable
Facilitator: John Creswell (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Wed May 14 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM (Festival Highlands Room)
If you plan to attend this roundtable, register for CFI Conference Wednesday. There is no enrollment for the individual session.


In this scholarly roundtable, the prolific author of over 22 well-known and well-used books will discuss his journey in scholarly publishing. Dr. John W. Creswell will provide tips to fellow travellers in the scholarly publishing world, as well as barriers he has experienced along the way.  Those interested in understanding the inner workings of the scholarly publishing world will enjoy this brief presentation, followed by facilitated conversation with participants.

This roundtable is designed for faculty to make progress towards the following outcomes:

  • Appreciate best practices and barriers to book publishing;
  • Share strategies on how to navigate the publishing world.