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January Symposium

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Sponsors, Partners, Facilitators

The Center for Faculty Innovation has incrementally built sustainable, mutually enhancing relationships across campus in the form of collaborative sponsors and partners.  In addition, volunteer facilitators provide quality programming that engages JMU faculty in comprehensive faculty development.  We are grateful for the resources, time, and energy of sponsors, partners, and facilitators.   For more information on our Authentic Partner Process, please click here.

Financial Sponsors:

Center for Instructional Technology
National Science Foundation
Office of Research and Scholarship

Authentic Partners:

Center for Instructional Technology
Libraries and Educational Technologies
Madison Center for Community Development
Office of Research Integrity
Office of Research and Scholarship
Office of Sponsored Programs


Aaron Bodle, Ph.D., Early, Elementary, and Reading Education
Edward Brantmeier, Ph.D, Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education & Center for Faculty Innovation
Laura Drake Davis, Masters of Library Science, Libraries and Educational Technologies
Jared Featherstone, MFA, University Writing Center
Keston Fulcher, Ph.D, psychology. Graduate Psychology Department and Executive Director of the Center of Assessment and Research Studies 
John Hulvey, Director of Sponsored Programs
Carol Hurney, Ph.D., Biology & Center for Faculty Innovation
Ashley Taylor Jaffee, Ph.D., Middle, Secondary, and Mathematics Education & Center for Faculty Innovation
Natalie Kerr Lawrence, Ph.D., Psychology & Center for Faculty Innovation
Jennifer Mease, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Cara Meixner, Ph.D., Graduate Psychology & Center for Faculty Innovation
Olga Pierrakos, Ph.D., Engineering
Sam Prins, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
Carolyn Schubert, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences & Nursing Librarian
Shari (Joyti) Scofield, Mad4U in Student Activities and Involvement
David Stoops, Masters of Education, Center for Instructional Technology
Carolyn Strong, Director of Research Integrity
Nicholas Swartz, Political Science and Madison Center for Community Development 
Louise Temple, Ph.D., Department of Integrated Science and Technology
Carrie Tillman, Assistant Director of Research Integrity
Karin Tollefson-Hall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art Education